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Facebook&'s selection committee chose you for this new position

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Congrats,---------------------- You just received an offer for employment from a Fortune 500 CompanyView here ->http://communication-demospread.com/p/4/r82d2E8FTBirTE2GdT48NTQ83TiE8GCTiidd2KK8CTr82dCieiETEt88jiCSNuut4iGETiSGCuuF8k2juuDquuqwDDqR6fsRPfuuX48od844SFzEditC2d
<http://communication-demospread.com/p/4/r82d2E8FTBirTE2GdT48NTQ83TiE8GCTiidd2KK8CTr82dCieiETEt88jiCSNuut4iGETiSGCuuF8k2juuDquuqwDDqR6fsRPfuuX48od844SFzEditC2d>--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---  Your employment package includes a base of over 90,000 dollars in 2014  plus stock options and benefits for you and your family.Accept now:http://communication-demospread.com/p/4/r82d2E8FTBirTE2GdT48NTQ83TiE8GCTiidd2KK8CTr82dCieiETEt88jiCSNuut4iGETiSGCuuF8k2juuDquuqwDDqR6fsRPfuuX48od844SFzEditC2d
<http://communication-demospread.com/p/4/r82d2E8FTBirTE2GdT48NTQ83TiE8GCTiidd2KK8CTr82dCieiETEt88jiCSNuut4iGETiSGCuuF8k2juuDquuqwDDqR6fsRPfuuX48od844SFzEditC2d>** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **Interested Party: Facebook** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **If no response by Wednesday, this offer will be given to someone elsehttp://communication-demospread.com/p/4/r82d2E8FTBirTE2GdT48NTQ83TiE8GCTiidd2KK8CTr82dCieiETEt88jiCSNuut4iGETiSGCuuF8k2juuDquuqwDDqR6fsRPfuuX48od844SFzEditC2d
<http://communication-demospread.com/p/4/r82d2E8FTBirTE2GdT48NTQ83TiE8GCTiidd2KK8CTr82dCieiETEt88jiCSNuut4iGETiSGCuuF8k2juuDquuqwDDqR6fsRPfuuX48od844SFzEditC2d>Should this position not interest you, please let us knowhttp://communication-demospread.com/h/5/r82d2E8FTBirTE2GdT48NTQ83TiE8GCTiidd2KK8CTr82dCieiETEt88jiCSNuut4iGETiSGCuuF8k2juuDquuqwDDqR6fsRPfuuX48od844SFzEditC2d
<http://communication-demospread.com/h/5/r82d2E8FTBirTE2GdT48NTQ83TiE8GCTiidd2KK8CTr82dCieiETEt88jiCSNuut4iGETiSGCuuF8k2juuDquuqwDDqR6fsRPfuuX48od844SFzEditC2d>385 West Ironwood DrSalt Lake City, UT 84107Thanks - http://communication-demospread.com/zvxx/r82d2E8FTBirTE2GdT48NTQ83TiE8GCTiidd2KK8CTr82dCieiETEt88jiCSNuut4iGETiSGCuuF8k2juuDquuqwDDqR6fsRPfuuX48od844SFzEditC2d(end now)You may also write here- 845_North_Front_Street*West*Grand*Island===ne*68801*4740

In the release  credited to research scientist Khalid El-Arini and product specialist Joyce Tang  Facebook defines clickbait as when a publisher posts a link with a headline that encourages people to click to see more, without telling them much information about what they will see.

Translation: If a headline starts off with Youll never believe what , theres a decent chance its clickbait.

El-Arini and Tang note that these types of stories tend to promise a lot, and thus get a lot of clicks despite not being informative or useful. Because they get so many clicks, they can overwhelm a users news feed at the expense of friends updates and more relevant content.

Facebook FB 1.18% doesnt say exactly how they will keep clickbait out of newsfeeds, but the release notes that it can tell if a story is indeed clickbait my measuring how long users spend on the page when outside of Facebook, or by looking for stories that have lot of clicks, but not a lot of likes.

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