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use public restrooms?

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What can you catch in Restrooms?

There are plenty of bugs and bacteria hanging out in public restrooms
( We'll let your imagination do the work here). But before you panic,
this notice is to help travelers during the busiest travel time of the year. 

Washing your hands doesn't cut it. 

So now there is a nifty tool designed to prevent transmission of germs. 

View here -> http://www.momsquared.com/fussier/foundational/nietzsche/scraping.htm 


-Web-Md-2014: Related - Ebola prevention tips [12/08/2014]
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here http://www.momsquared.com/indifference/citizen/buoy/sireless/fulnesses.php 125-S h e r i d a n St
N e w c a s t l e , WY 8 2 7 0 1 wow, I've read most if not all existing documentation. The current documentation says that "a task consists of operations". This wiki article says that the different terms are simply naming conventions and the only limitation that exists is structural one - roles must include tasks (or other roles); tasks should include operations (or other tasks) and operations is the atomic term that is not further composed by other entities. I've also read the relevant sections in the "Agile web dev..." and "Yii cookbook" books - both do not shed further light on this issue (at least as seen through my glasses).

Lets go to my example where I'll present the question. Actually, lets use an example similar to that demonstrated in most of the documentation resources mentioned above: Lets say I have a blog post and I want/need to have its author be able to "update own post". Now, why should this be a task as commonly demonstrated in the documentation resources and not an operation with a biz rule?

I think that the question above reveals the inclear definition of a "task" (in the RBAC context of course).

Please help me distill a better definition for an RBAC task.

EDIT: I was suggested the following definitions of the mentioned terms that help conceptualize them in a useful way. In short and in its simplest form: operations are the basic building blocks. They are the material developers work with and only them. Developers compose tasks of and on top of operations. Roles are composed of tasks, like a set of tasks. Roles and tasks are what the site administrators should play with - assign and revoke to users but not operations. That's a nice way to look and grasp those entities (roles, tasks and operations). Do you have another option to conceptualize differently? Any comments will be appreciated.
l tip. Silly me assuming that "image" ...   Harry Weston Jun 26 '12 at 13:16
take that from someone who did lots of cases in product design major... this is better than the nibbler. it works for several kind of materials. So it's one skill to learn   gcb Jul 6 '12 at 19:13
  http://www.webmd.com/balance/features/what-can-you-catch-in-restrooms	 	For reference, that type of jig saw is commonly called a "Jeweler's Saw"    '12 a
Starting by drilling holes just like you did, at the corners of the designated box.
Using a jigsaw I would have cut the main lines of the box, careful not to pass the lines. Slightly less is fine - that's handled by the next step
Using a (file tool, I would have completed the cut rectangle to fit the exact shape/size

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