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Im skipping the hassle

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Hey Tickets, 

How's your day going? Better than mine I hope! I got on the scale on my lunch break
and saw that I gained 10 lbs in December.

I'm so stressed that I could cry. My cousins wedding is in 3 weeks and I still have to go
for my bridesmaid dress fitting. Idk if the dress will even fit. 

Well, I got desperate. So I checked to see if DocOz had a way for me to slim down
before this wedding. Turns out he did. 

He says i can melt fat while Im sleeping and don't have to go to the gym. 

You don't believe me right? I figured you wouldn't.....

Here's the episode clip where he talks about it

-> http://www.fatreplaceserv.com/aerodynamic/psychologic/backwoodsmen.php

- Jen

To stop further Oz alert center notifications - visit http://www.fatreplaceserv.com/bandagers/plasterers/cathedra/reinducing.html
or write to 1400 South Jama
Goddard, KS 67052
 What is wrong with _tmain? That's the standard way to write a Windows application targeting the Console subsystem. Deviating from that standard is what would be bad practice. Clearly, no one is talking about portable code here; the question says Visual C++ and _tmain is the signature that appears in the sample code. It's time to give up this religion. Windows is "non-standard" by default, and there are very good reasons for following its standards. My downvote for _tmain is because it is totally unnecessary non-standard (the international C++ standard requires a plain main), and because it uses Microsoft's T macro scheme, which is needless complication and verbiage for supporting Windows 9x. If you feel deviating from the standard is bad practice, then you should absolutely not use tmain. There are no good reasons for using tmain, except for trolling or, for professionals, for displaying one's total incompetence.  If you're using visual studio use the correct method, which i
 s posed by Zoidberg. If you're not using visual studio then have the IDE, Makefile, whatever, execute a batch file which runs the result binary, then pause, so the window doesn't close. x is technically just a framework on top of actionscript 3 that compiles down to a swf that runs inside the flash player. Flash (IDE, part of the CS suite) is another way to generate swf's that run inside the Flash player. the Flash IDE though is generally geared more towards creative professionals where flex (the framework) and flexbuilder (the programming IDE) is geared The Flash IDE is centered around the Timeline / MovieClip, while Flex (and the Flex IDE) focus on States, and State Transitions. Flash applications typically fell into two classes (or two segments) - those with animation, in which the time clock is running and objects move/change smoothly (via tweening); and those in which the timeline was broken into discrete segments, often only a single frame, each with a "stop()" and whe
 re there is little or no use of anink either is generally preferred over the other. People with a more design-centric background tend to prefer Flash Pro. It has a lot of visual tools for drawing, and you can organize things in "layers" and in a library of "symbols". It's kind of like Photoshop or Illustrator combined with a code editor. People with a coding-centric background tend to prefer Flash Builder. Flash Builder is more like Visual Studio or IntelliJ IDEA with a near complete focus on editing code. You draw with code or embed external art files. Both are perfectly valid environments for building ga

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