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Stop the progress of Dementia and Alzheimer's

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There is an end in sight to Alzheimer's and other forms of Dementia. 

See what the latest breakthrough has to offer:


Find out what the real triggers are and what you can do to not only
prevent, but stop Alzheimer's and Dementia's progress in it's 

If you choose to end future message:

Please use: http://www.memorydefendsys.com/adventurous/completed/electrum/predeceases/bargainable/sectors.php

Or Please use:

308 N 3RD ST
-- To Write To Us

my wife everything I'd just been told, and we discussed it between us as we got ready for bed.  She soon fell asleep, but it did not come so easily for me.  Still, the alarm goes off at the same time regardless, so I'm awake, caffeinated, and here to share the story with all of you and get your tughts.  I will be posting this on the other sub as well, as I would like mulle perspectives/impressions.  Thanks for reading

tl;dr My handicapped son met an apostle and asked if Jesus could heal him, apostle has promised that prophet and Q12 will meet in the temple tomorrow and pray for him, by name, to be healed, and they want everyone my son knows to do pray also at the same time.
Why didn't RMN grab another priestod lder and some consecrated oil and pray over him right there? Why didn't he heal him right there just like the apostles of old or Jesus? 

That's what stuck out to me 

crying. Thank you for this.
Haha blush glad you liked it.
Hang on guys: real talk. Is this Azmodan thing a bug? Or is it here to stay?
If it was a bug I'd imagine Azmodan wouldn't be in that pose, he'd be in the same pose he usually is when mounted.
On the contrary, that pose with his legs forward and arms out to his sides looks a lot like the "T-Pose", a default position used by 3d artists to make sure all characters start in the same basic position (to make animation easier).  If a character is in the t-pose it is a near-guarantee that they are bugged, as they are defaulting to their most basic preset pose rather than playing any animation at all.
Its so silly im wondering if its some kind of animation spazz.
ohh wow Azmo looks awesome on that mount :D 
Poor carpet..
I tught the magic carpet was cool but if the unmounted heroes can 

of 3040 mm (1.21.6 in). When alarmed, adults can eject an extremely foul smelling directional spray up to one meter, which inspired several of its other common names: Florida skunk roach, Florida stinkroach, skunk roach, skunk roach, stinking roach, and stinkroach. Two other naming variations include Florida roach and Florida woods roach.

I can't 

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