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And end to balding

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New advancements in Hair-Loss restoration:


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a V8 that day.
Am I missing something? I mean sure the pickup truck did a wide left turn, but is the semi suppose to switch lanes like that to p? Suld he not of waited for that truck to have turned? 
Have you ever driven a car before?
It may be different where I am from, if the pickup had his indicator on that he was turning left then that semi is required to slow down and wait for him to turn, not switch into the oncoming 

in feeling the way you feel.  But try looking at this from a different perspective.

Some people waffle after a breakup.  They live with regrets.  Maybe I suld have fought harder.  Maybe I suld try again.  She was worth it...right?

Turns out, she wasn't worth it.  She only waited 3 days to  around with someone else.  This suld justify and reinforce your decision to move on with your life.

Now you don't have to spend any time backtracking or thinking you made the wrong decision.

Your gut instincts were right.  She was absolutely not worth it in the long run.  

And now you can cut her completely out of your life and move forward witut ever having to wonder if it would have worked.

It wouldn't have.  The proof was in her mouth 3 days after you broke up.
Wrong thread man
It seems a lot of people responding are devoid of emotion today for some reason. Is she allowed to do what she wants? Yes. Is she being extremely ed up? 

great article. One thing stood out to me and I realize I never considered this.

a 3D-printed drinking cup

Is that safe to drink from? Odd tangent, yes, but it did make me wonder.
They didn't drink from it for the experiment. It was made in case it was thrown by accident it wouldn't break.
Well, that's a relief. Still, people are so in love with the idea of 3d printing but I have never heard this addressed.
Neither have I. I'd like to have an answer, as well.
I'm not really an expert on this, but my understanding is that it's safe in the sense that the plastic probably isn't going to hurt you (), but not safe in the sense that you probably won't be able to get it anywhere near "clean" after you use it the first time  in the same way that plastic cutting boards become bacteria breeding grounds once you put a deep scratch in them.
You guys missed out if 

mod that we are able to play with 100's+ players and write our own gamemodes.
So pretty much SAMP or MTA then? Haha. Can't wait for the mods of GTA V.
I think 30 is perfect.  You'd be surprised w populated it feels with only 16 players when you play A LOT..  The only place you can really begin to pe for higher player counts is the desert.  Nobody is ever there unless they just completed a mission.
I love spending time in the desert because it's so deserted. I can ride around on a quad or dirt bike for 3 urs before I manage to 

because of w well he can stay back.
I'm a fan of Kha and Gragas in ARAM. Kha I evolve E first and just start flying around with resets. Gragas is fun with that barrel exploding the pile of champs that seems to always form in a fight.
Grpper swag Luv it :D.

If you like leaving a barrel in the middle of a fight, try letting Ori's ball. Same effect with flashier visuals and more damage.
Yeah except I always seem to walk just out of range of the ball and it returns to me just when I push R
Ehe happens to me too. There is an indicator but i often get out of range even with that.

The other 

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