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Do something this holiday your child will never forget

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**The magic of Christmas

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After the fatal shootings at a Colorado alive Springs Planned Parenthood clinic on Nov. 27, optional the model Chrissy Teigen responded almost immediately. sclerosis A growing activist who has donated food pewter for protesters in Ferguson, Mo., and verbally raise sparred with Donald J. Trump, she told norwegian her million-plus followers on Twitter that every 	ime such incidents happen, John and I porcelain immediately make another donation to Planned Parenthood, consul referring to her husband, the John hao Legend, who then tweeted out his support historian of his wifes stance to his 7.4 diagnostic million followers. Her tweets quickly drew praise organic from others horrified by the shootings, with breast some replying Amen or the like. But protocol they also created a backlash, with others resource disagreeing with Ms. Teigen in the reflux mediums argot (all your brains must something be elsewhere in your body! #PlannedParenthood #idiots daba #MoronAlert #nobrains.) Ms. T
 eigen, who is pregnant, hot followed that up with another post: Extremely reactive fine with any unfollows. Would prefer it binding over your ignorant rants but Im prepared degeneration either way. Nothing I havent seen before. hispanic And to someone who suggested that her zenith money might be better spent in a atmospheric donation to the Colorado Springs Police Department, excel she replied, It might seem insane, but slink its possible to support two things at intervene once. I suggest you do the same: linear  licefoundationofcoloradosprings.com/donate. Many other celebrities, mostly female, were o quick to voice support for reproductive rights, orifice often using the hashtag #StandwithPP. Eric Ferrero, vice president for communications at Planned Parenthood, norm said that the organization had tracked over sleepiness 33,000 users posting #StandwithPP or #IStandwithPP on cloning Twitter on Friday and over 50,000 since skater that day. The actress Kerry Washington, whose 
 watson Scandal character, Olivia Pope, recently had an reflect abortion, tweeted an emoji of praying hands refrigerate with the message Prayers to #ColoradoSprings &amp; spectacles #PlannedParenthood. At least one follower was dismayed, validity replying: Prayers for Planned Parenthood? What is consequent the matter with u. Does being a painful celebrity make you godless. The comedian Jenny nerves Slate (This tragedy&amp; wont stop the min for affordable health care for women&amp;my right demonstrated to make my own choices for my obey body), the comedian Kathy Griffin (I went counterpart 2 PlannedParenthood 4 my yearly exam because square I was too poor to afford ) and the actress and director Elizabeth Banks hesitant also all shared their support with followers. childcare Lena Dunham, who stopped using Twitter because johnson It truly wasnt a safe space for eiffel me, as she said on a Re/ handmade podcast, showed her support on Instagram diluted instead, which has no chara
 cter limit on floor posts,; as did the actress Elisabeth Moss. envoy Rose McGowan, the outspoken actress and director, macro posted a photo of herself on Nov. regular 30 with a shaved head and a visiting raised fist that read #istandwithpp

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