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Drink this with water to pee out stubborn belly fat

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1 Hour Before Bed - Will you make sure this gets done?
It forces your body to pee out small amounts of body fat in the morning. . . . 

Scientists are baffled but somehow it works - medicine has been hiding it all along. 
A simple tweak to your bedtime ritual is all that this takes.  That's it.  2-minutes daily. 

But "right" before bed. 

You'll be shrinking fat tissue and reversing tiny tiny (it adds up!) amounts of aging per day.  You can reverse the signs of pre-mature biological aging with every hour you sleep.  

Do it daily. . . 
Then Sleep. 
That's it. . . 

In fact my friend Nicole was able to use this daily hack for 2-minutes per day and lost 73lbs of baby weight.  Did it happen fast? God no! That's silly.  In just under 6 months she lost that weight, was able to shrink her body fast, and started showing signs of reversal of Type 2 Diabetes.  

What about her brother Jack? Same daily ritual.  57lb of stubborn fat from his mid-section.  8 months.  He needed to buy new clothes.  Fat that was making him miserable.  All while sleeping on it.  And his sleep?

Even deeper and more relaxed. . . 

> > Watch their "ritual" and be surprised (zero plastic surgery!)

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