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Back to work? Make tired achy feet a thing of the past.

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Back to work? Make tired achy feet a thing of the past.



nger. She goes to confront Megan but hours later wakes up in her bed, covered in blood. She later discovers Megan has disappeared, and Rachel is questioned by Detective Riley (Allison Janney) because she was seen in the vicinity that day. Rachel contacts Scott, posing as Megan's friend, to tell him about the affair. Scott shows her a picture of Megan's psychiatrist Dr. Kamal Abdic and Rachel identifies him as the man she saw kissing Megan. As a result, Abdic is questioned as a suspect but tells the police that Scott was emotionally abusive towards his wife, and suspicion shifts to him.

Megan is found murdered and tests reveal she was pregnant, but neither Scott nor Abdic was the father. Scott enters Rachel's house and aggressively confronts her for lying to him about knowing Megan, directing the police towards Abdic, and leaving him as the new suspect. Rachel tries to report the assault to the police, believing Scott's violence suggests he may have murdered Megan, but Riley says that he has been ruled out as a suspect as there is CCTV footage of him at a bar at the time.

On the train, Rachel sees Martha (Lisa Kudrow), the wife of Tom's former boss, and apologises for her behaviour at the barbecue where she believes she broke a platter, threw food, and insulted Martha. Martha says she did nothing wrong, and it is revealed Tom had been fired for having sex with co-workers. Rachel realises that Tom planted false memories in her head during her drinking binges, and was also violent toward her during her blackouts, which accounts for the injuries she had when she awoke. Meanwhile, Anna suspects Tom of cheating and secretly finds a cell phone hidden in their house; a voicemail reveals that the phone belonged to Megan.

A now sober Rachel remembers that on the day of her disappearance, she caught Megan meeting Tom, and he hit her when she tried to confront them. Realising that Tom killed Megan when she refused to abort his baby, Rachel warns Anna, who already knows. When both women confront Tom about his affair with Megan, he becomes angry, tries to force Rachel to drink alcohol again, throws the drink at her face, and then knocks her unconscious.

When Rachel awakens, she flees for the front door but it is locked. Tom tries to strangle her as Anna watches from the top of the stairs, guarding Evie. Rachel doubles back through the kitchen and picks up a corkscrew. Outside, Tom grabs her and, as she turns, she stabs him in the neck with the corkscrew. Anna then appears and twists it deeper into Tom's neck, killing him. Interviewed by Riley, Rachel and Anna tell identical stories about killing Tom in self-defense after he admitted that he was Megan's killer. Anna admits that Rachel had been right about everything.

Later, Rachel visits Megan's tombstone at a cemetery and states: "We are tied forever now, the three of us, bound forever by the story we shared." Later, she sits on the opposite side of the train, hopeful for a new life

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