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Do you Regret that you never learned piano?

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Do you Regret that you never learned piano?



eneral Motors companion make programFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaJump to navigationJump to searchA blue 1920s-style car facing forward but angled towards its right, the picture's left, on a grassy clearing1930 VikingIn the late 1920s, American automotive company General Motors (GM) launched four companion makes to supplement its existing lineup of five passenger car brands, or makes. The companion makes were LaSalle, introduced for the 1927 model year to supplement Cadillac; Marquette, introduced in 1929 for 1930 to supplement Buick; Pontiac, introduced for 1926 to supplement Oakland; and Viking, introduced for 1929 to supplement Oldsmobile. GM's fifth existing make, Chevrolet, did not receive a companion make. With the exception of Viking, each of the companion makes were slotted below their "parent make" in GM's pricing hierarchy.GM had pioneered the idea of having a ladder of makes, arranged in order by price, to appeal to consumers with different incomes. This contributed
  to GM's rise to automotive dominance in the 1920s at the expense of Ford. By the late 1920s, GM felt that there were excessive gaps in this ladder; president Alfred P. Sloan devised the companion makes in order to fill those gaps. The companion makes were also intended to increase the sales of their respective divisions by selling cars that cost less to produce.
The program is generally considered a failure, as Viking and Marquette quickly foundered during the Great Depression and were discontinued by 1931. LaSalle lasted longer, weathering the Depression until it too ceased production after 1940. Pontiac had a different fate; its popularity exploded after its introduction and led to the discontinuation of Oakland after 1931. It would continue as one of GM's makes until it was discontinued in 2010 in the aftermath of the Great Recess

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