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BONUS: $100 OLIVE GARDEN Gift Card Opportunity

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BONUS: $100 OLIVE GARDEN Gift Card Opportunity



ries underwent changes in an attempt to reach new and various audiences. For Super Paper Mario, game director Ryota Kawade wanted to surprise fans of the series with new concepts that did not appear in the previous games. When the idea of being able to alternatively switch from 2D to 3D was conceptualized, he presented the idea to the new producer, Tanabe. When Tanabe approved, they both agreed that the idea would work well as an action-adventure video game rather than an RPG, and real-time combat was also introduced to fit the idea. Despite the changes, Tanabe asked the writers to keep the plot similar to a role-playing game's. Super Paper Mario was announced for the GameCube at E3 2006, but it was ported to the Wii in mid-2006 before being released in April 2007. Since the game was intended to be played on a GameCube controller, it did not take advantage of Wii's new motion controls.Trailers for Sticker Star were shown at E3 2010, E3 2011, and Nintendo World 2011, but its title was
  not announced until E3 2012, and the game was released later in the year. As Miyamoto was no longer the series producer, he asked the developers to not create any new characters and instead use established pre-existing ones in the Mario franchise; Nintendo's intellectual property team enforced this statement into future games in the series. He also asked to change the combat system from The Thousand-Year Door, and to remove most of the story elements due to early feedback from fans.The Mario & Luigi series (logo pictured) was the intended replacement for Mario RPG games.
Paper Jam's development was mainly inspired by Sticker Star. AlphaDream wanted to use a third button to control a third character in their newest game, and felt Paper Mario would fit the role. Every game in the series from Color Splash onward has a white paper outline around Mario; the develope

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