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[TODO] Merge parrotcode.org into parrot.org

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Same as #157, but for parrotcode.org, not parrotblog.org.

Eventually the parrotcode.org hostname will point directly to parrot.org. All content that hasn't already been moved over should be moved over, and "fake" URLs added that alias/redirect to the new paths, so links to the old site go to the right places on the new site.

Change History

Changed 13 years ago by Infinoid

I went and grabbed a list of every parrotcode URL google knows about. This should include all of the stuff linked to from external sites, I hope. I stripped out all the outdated irc logs (which were the majority of the links), and then went through and reviewed the current migration status of all the other links. Here's my resulting todo list:

aliasing hacks (needed so links will still work after parrotcode.org redirects to parrot.org)
www.parrotcode.org/examples/ -> www.parrot.org/dev/examples (content moved, needs alias)
www.parrotcode.org/examples/pasm.html -> www.parrot.org/dev/examples/pasm (content moved, needs alias)
www.parrotcode.org/examples/pir.html -> www.parrot.org/dev/examples/pir (content moved, needs alias)
www.parrotcode.org/talks/  ->  www.parrot.org/dev/talks (page moved, need alias)

autogenerated pages
www.parrotcode.org/todo.html (generated somehow from RT?  bounce to resources)
www.parrotcode.org/openpatches.html (generated somehow from RT?  bounce to resources)

documentation links (it'd be nice if we could bounce them to docs.parrot.org)
www.parrotcode.org/cage-cleaners/guide.html (copy of docs/project/cage_cleaners_guide.pod)
www.parrotcode.org/faq/ (copy of docs/faq.pod)
www.parrotcode.org/glossary.html (copy of docs/glossary.pod)
www.parrotcode.org/docs/ (page moved but most or all links need fixing)

content in need of moving:
www.parrotcode.org/news/2008/Parrot-0.7.0.html (already there but lacks the .html suffix)

binary files needing rehosting:

new site items in need of attention
www.parrot.org/docs/ is full of dead links, they should all link to docs.parrot.org (or this page should just bounce there)
www.parrot.org/dev/ has tons of outdated links, needs a full review
www.parrot.org/dev/talks has some bad links to (not yet) locally hosted stuff

Changed 13 years ago by coke

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Changed 12 years ago by coke

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Parrotcode.org now redirects to parrot.org; any old content is still in the parrotcode.org svn repository and could be migrated if it turned out to be necessary.

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