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WAIT! Do You Really Want To Miss Out On The Next Crypto Superboom?

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WAIT! Do You Really Want To Miss Out On The Next Crypto Superboom?



while, Appaji sends goons to look for King, thinking he's still alive. They run into Bottu Seenu, who thrashes them. Appaji proposes a deal to Bottu Seenu and asks him to pose as King and return to the palace. After Munna informed King's family that King disappeared, Appaji tried to escape, but he got picked up by Munna. Munna gave a picture of King's corpse, time, and date to Appaji. Appaji had nothing to do with King's murder. Once Bottu Seenu gets access to King's bank accounts, Appaji will be able to repay his debts because he borrowed much money from goons. Sravani and Gnaneswar mistake Bottu Seenu as Sharath again. They accompany Bottu Seenu to the palace. The first twists: Swapna is none other than Chandu's daughter, but Chandu committed suicide because nobody believed that he did not steal the money; Swapna and the mysterious shooter were hired by Bhagath Seth; the mysterious shooter is Baba; and Swapna's real name is Pooja.

Bhagath hires Pooja to kill King's brother Ajay. Ajay brings his girlfriend Pooja to his home. Suddenly, Bottu Seenu attacks Pooja, but a few seconds later, he has no idea what happened. Gnaneshwar believes that King's spirit came to get revenge and controlled Bottu Seenu. Bottu Seenu gets engaged to Sravani. Pooja knows that it is not King who is living in the palace right now. Bhagath hires a bunch of guys, including Baba, to dress up in black and kill King's impostor and Ajay in the palace during the night. Bhagath Seth thinks that he shouldn't trust girls, including Pooja. Bottu Seenu is controlled by King's spirit and saves Ajay from Pooja. Another twist is that Ajay met Pooja right before she killed King. She feels that Ajay depends on his brother too much, so he told her to kill King. The third twist: Bottu Seenu/Sharath is revealed as King.

Munna captures Baba, who reveals his motive for planning to kill Swapna, who is Chandu's daughter, too. Pooja said what really happened that day but doesn't kill King. The father and friends who took care of Bottu Seenu were Munna's people. Munna's real name is Bottu Seenu. King says that Ajay's mistake is unforgivable. King's family members are feeling sad, so he decides to leave. He dies in an explosion which takes place in his car. King's mother leaves and doesn't want anyone to look for her. Everyone else is probably still mad at Ajay. The fourth twist is that King is still alive.

He reveals his plan to Shravani only: King asked Bhagath's henchman (who kidnapped Kittu at the beginning of the movie) to tell him Bhagath's evil plans. After King got shot, Munna took him to the hospital. Swapna's details were fake, so they couldn't find her. He decided to play this double role drama. Bhagath's henchman/King's informer reveals the shooter is working for Bhagath too, but didn't find details about Swapna. When King met his uncles again, none of them had anything to do with it. King realized that Kittu was behind everything. King's informer blew up King's car after he escaped. This was King's plan too. The informer put a bomb inside Bhagath's car too, so King talks to Bhagath on the phone before Bhagath dies. King pretends to be Sarath in front of everyone else.

The final twist: Bottu Seenu/Munna's father and friends were responsible for messing up lights and pulling table with rope in King's palace. They did it to make it look like King's spirit came for reve

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