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optimize freeze_size

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Currently creating a pbc involves freeze malloc/free for every registered pmc, just to calculate the size of the pmc, just to help PackFile_Constant_pack_size()

"Determines the size of the buffer needed in order to pack the PackFile Constant into a contiguous region of memory."

The action VISIT_FREEZE_SIZE was invented a long time ago, but never implemented.

I've added a Parrot_freeze_size() function, which should use VISIT_FREEZE_SIZE.

Only the packfile API has _packed_size methods, the pmc's not yet.

Cooperative pmc's can also implement this action by returning the simulated size without actual amlloc, others still do the malloc/free, and Parrot_freeze_size will count the strlen then.

We might need a fallback scenario for old pmc's (e.g. languages) which did not implement this interface.

And a more general architectural comment:
We have no pmc registration interface which handles the available methods between the clients and core,

  • to be able to handle missing methods in core,
  • or use proxies for missing methods in older or newer packfiles.

A cross-version compatible packfile solution would need that.

e.g. we have only (void)info->visit_action and not (int)info->visit_action to be able to fallback to the parent.

            freeze_pmc(interp, pmc, info, seen, id);
            if (pmc)
                info->visit_action = pmc->vtable->freeze;
        case VISIT_FREEZE_SIZE: /* do not actually freeze */
            if (pmc && have_pmc(interp, pmc, "freeze_size", seen, id))
                info->visit_action = pmc->vtable->freeze_size;
            else {
                freeze_pmc(interp, pmc, info, seen, id);
                if (pmc)
                    info->visit_action = pmc->vtable->freeze;

Change History

Changed 12 years ago by plobsing

The pmc_freeze_cleanup branch changes this plan. Optimizing freeze_size may still be a possible and worthwhile optimization.

  • VISIT_FREEZE_SIZE is gone. It was unused, and requiring that all PMCs know of all possible visit actions seems unreasonable and inextensible.
  • The ultimate goal is to have customizable PMC visitors. One such visitor could be a size accumulator.

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The recently merged tt362 branch has a new pmc, ImageIOSize, that returns the size of an image without actually creating it. This is now being used when generating pbcs.

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