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Your Opinion is Important! Take This Survey to Claim Your $100 Apple Reward

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Your Opinion is Important! Take This Survey to Claim Your $100 Apple Reward



hakes's clown friends, Dink (Adam Sandler) and Stenchy (Blake Clark) are concerned that he drinks too much and often encourage him to quit. On top of that, his alcoholism is messing up his relationship with his girlfriend Judy (Julie Brown), a waitress in the Twisted Balloon and an aspiring professional bowler. Shakes continually denies the extent of his alcoholism until Cheese finally tells Shakes that he needs to sober up, or he will have no choice but to fire him. Shakes decides to get sober so he can keep his job and make his father figure proud. Shakes is able to get through alcohol withdrawals and, for a time, seems to be doing well. However, Shakes suffers a relapse at a birthday party and trashes the house in a drunken stupor until he is knocked out by the child's mother.

Shakes returns to the bar later that night, where Cheese angrily fires him for upsetting the party guests. Ashamed and heavily intoxicated, Shakes goes into the back room and passes out. Judy, Dink and Stenchy are able to convince Cheese to give Shakes another chance, and when he attempts to find Shakes, he instead comes across Binky, his sad clown friends, HoHo and Boots, and some rodeo clowns, Ty and Randi, doing cocaine. Cheese is angered that they would be selling and doing drugs in his bar, and a panicked Binky beats him to death with a juggling club in a fit of rage. Shocked, Binky decides to frame Shakes for the murder. Binky moves the body into the room where Shakes has passed out and puts the murder weapon in his hand. Binky then calls the police, who arrive and go after Shakes.

Shakes ends up having to go on the run. Convinced of his innocence, Judy, Dink and Stenchy decide to help Shakes clear his name. Until he can find the truth, Shakes goes into hiding, posing as a hated mime in a class taught by the domineering Jerry the Mime (Robin Williams). Shakes is concerned deep down that he may have actually done it while blacked out and forgot. Later, Shakes, Dink and Stenchy go to a rodeo clown bar called the Broken Saddle, where they learn from the rodeo clowns that Cheese was actually murdered by Binky. Meanwhile, Binky attempts to seduce Judy, who again rebuffs his advances. Binky again gets nervous and accidentally admits to Cheese's murder. Binky knows that he cannot let Judy leave with this information, so he kidnaps her and takes her to the studio where he attempts to kill her live on the air with throwing knives and make it look like an accident.

The rodeo clowns are arrested for their involvement and Shakes, Dink and Stenchy confront Boots and HoHo. This erupts into a fight, which ends with one of the clowns shooting Shakes. Shakes manages to survive, as the bullet became lodged in his flask. Shakes, Dink and Stenchy arrive at the studio and fight Binky just in time to save Judy, and Binky is later arrested for his crimes. Grateful that he saved her life, Judy gets back together with Shakes and he promises her that he will stop drinking. Some time passes and Shakes is shown attending an alcoholics anonymous meeting, sharing with the others that he is still sober and is proud of his accomplishment. With Binky in jail, Shakes is now the new host of the TV show, which proves to be a big hit with children. Shakes, Dink and Stenchy are the stars of the show and entertain the audience by chasing around Jerry the Mim

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