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Your gut has 17lbs of rotting food bloating it

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Your gut has 17lbs of rotting food bloating it



Joe Dirt, a janitor at a Los Angeles radio station, tells his life story via shock jock Zander Kelly's broadcast.

Joe reveals that as a baby he had a mullet wig installed because the top of his skull had never formed. At age 8, he was left behind by his parents and sister at the Grand Canyon and thus does not know his real surname. After growing up in a series of foster homes, Joe ran away until he arrived in Silvertown, a small town in the Pacific Northwest. There, he met Brandy and her dog, Charlie, and became a target for jealousy from Robby, the town bully.

After Brandy's alcoholic father shoots Charlie dead, Joe decides to try to find his parents. He details his adventures across the country including his friendship with Kicking Wing, an unsuccessful Native American fireworks salesman. In Indiana, Joe has an encounter with a serial killer named Buffalo Bob. This brings him unwanted attention from the media, but helps his search. In Louisiana, he works on Charlene's alligator farm and as a high school janitor with Clem Doore, a former mobster in the Witness Protection Program. Clem rescues students after a mustard gas explosion and informs the media Joe was the hero. This helps Joe discover the address of his old family home and he travels to Baton Rouge only to find that they moved away many years prior.

Listening to Joe's story, both Zander and the radio audience initially find him an object of scorn, but Joe's kindness and optimistic outlook on life win them over.

Eventually, Joe lands the janitorial job at the radio station, where he recounts how he gave up the search and returned to Silvertown to be with Brandy. However, Robby informed him that he and Brandy are getting married and that she found Joe's parents, but instructed him not to tell Joe. Zander calls Brandy to find out why, and she tells Joe his parents were killed the day they were at the Grand Canyon; she pleads with Joe to return to Silvertown. Upset by the news, Joe stays in Los Angeles.

Joe is unaware that he has become a media sensation, but he quickly discovers his newfound fame. An appearance on TRL results in a phone call from a woman claiming to be Joe's mother. Joe meets his parents and he discovers that they intentionally abandoned him, and that they only reconnected with him in order to boost their sales of clown figurines. Joe storms out, cutting ties with his parents. He intends to commit suicide, but Brandy arrives and finally admits that she lied to him about his parents being dead because she wanted to protect him from them. Brandy expresses her love and convinces Joe to come home with her but he suffers a head injury after a police officer lassos and accidentally causes him to fall off a bridge.

Joe wakes up in Brandy's house, surrounded by his friends: Kicking Wing, who reveals that thanks to Joe he now owns 30 successful firework stands, and Clem and Charlene, who are now engaged. Brandy reveals that she got Joe a dreadlock wig following his head operation, has retrieved his Hemi, and she has a new dog that Charlie fathered.

As they prepare to take a ride in Joe's Hemi, Robby arrives and tells Joe that no one wants him in Silvertown. Clem threatens Robby and exclaims that they are Joe's family. Robby challenges Joe to a race and Joe leaves him in the dust. As they drive away, Zander dedicates a song to Joe on the radio.

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