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New Generation CoolMe Pro Mini Cooler is the Best Solution Against the Heatwaves

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New Generation CoolMe Pro Mini Cooler is the Best Solution Against   the Heatwaves



exico, 1992. Flor Moreno (Paz Vega) is a poor Mexican single mother who moved to America illegally years earlier seeking a better life for her and her daughter, Cristina. She takes on two jobs, but soon cannot maintain them, so Flor's cousin helps her find work as a nanny and housekeeper for the Clasky family, consisting of John (Adam Sandler) and Deborah (Téa Leoni), their children Bernice (Sarah Steele) and Georgie (Ian Hyland), and Deborah's mother Evelyn Wright (Cloris Leachman). John is a successful chef and an easygoing man who enjoys cooking and spending time with his children, while Deborah is a former businesswoman turned stay-at-home mother, and Evelyn is quietly alcoholic. Deborah is uptight and her neurotic behavior often upsets the family - Deborah psychologically abuses her daughter, body-shaming Bernice by forcing her to exercise, buying her smaller-sized clothes and putting her down for certain behaviors; she frustrates John by expecting him to be submissive and acce
 pting of her parenting style with Georgie. John is more laid back and supports the mental well-being of his children, but feels he cannot stand up to Deborah.

Soon, Flor is needed to work and live at the Claskys' summer rental home on the beach. Desperate to keep Flor employed with them, Deborah invites Cristina to stay with them. Deborah becomes attached to the beautiful and personable Cristina, who informally translates for Flor, and begins to treat her more like a daughter than she does Bernice. The attention Deborah pays Cristina does not go unnoticed by Flor, who does not approve. Needing to get materials for a project that he is working on, John gives the children a small task, in which they will receive money in exchange for pieces of glass they collect from the beach. Cristina takes the task seriously and ends up receiving $640 for her collection. When Flor learns of this, she is overwhelmed and angry at the large sum of money given to her daughter. Flor and John argue, with Cristina as the interpreter, and Flor wants to leave because of the awkward family dynamic. John coaxes her into staying, much to Cristina's deligh

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