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Your blunt knife is why you hate cooking.

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Your blunt knife is why you hate cooking.



ohan is eventually identified by a Palestinian cab driver named Salim, who bears a grudge against Zohan for having taken his beloved goat away in Palestine because Salim spat on him. Salim convinces his friends, Hamdi and Nasi, to help him kill Zohan, but after several failed attempts they are forced to contact Phantom and convince him to visit New York to find Zohan. Meanwhile, Zohan has fallen in love with Dalia and comes clean to her, Michael, and Gail about his true identity. After Dalia rejects Zohan for his counterterrorist background, Zohan decides to leave to protect her, and confronts Phantom in a championship Hacky Sack game sponsored by Walbridge. Zohan's fight is cut short with sudden news of the Middle Eastern neighborhood being attacked and he quickly departs.

As their businesses burn, Zohan calms the Israelis and Palestinians who each blame the other for the violence and makes peace with Salim. Phantom then appears and confronts Zohan, but Zohan refuses to fight. Dalia appears, revealing that she is Phantom's sister, and convinces her brother to cooperate with Zohan against the arsonists, revealed to be racist white supremacists led by James T. O'Scanlon. They were hired by Walbridge to instigate an inter-ethnic riot so he can get his new mall in the aftermath. As Zohan and Phantom work to save the block, Phantom admits that he always wanted to be a shoe salesman rather than a terrorist. Although the racist arsonists are defeated and Walbridge is arrested by the police, the overexcited Phantom accidentally destroys all of the shops on the block with his powerful screams.

With the Israelis and Palestinians united, the block is rebuilt and transformed into a collectively owned mall. Phantom opens a shoe shop there; Oori relocates his electronics shop to the mall; Salim gets back his goat from Zohan and starts a goat ride business; Michael becomes a hairdresser; and Zohan and Dalia, having now married, open a beauty salon together. In the end, Zohan's parents arrive and approve of his new job and lifestyle before his father requests that he cut his hair, which Zohan happily doe

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