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Today is your lucky day

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Today is your lucky day



Ricky (Emraan Hashmi), a flirtatious womanizer, is a leading fashion photographer, who wears his heart on his sleeve. One day, he receives a call from Sheena (Udita Goswami), who asks him to meet her. Once there, the two have an argument about Sheena's friend Nisha (Tara Sharma), who was left heartbroken and contemplating suicide after being used and dumped by Ricky.

Three years later, Ricky is about to hold a photography exhibition, when an unknown investor walks in and buys all the pieces before they can be displayed. The billionaire investor, Rajveer (Raj) (Dino Morea), says that the sale will be completed with one condition - Ricky must seduce and sleep with Raj's wife Sheena. Ricky is perplexed and Raj explains that he wants to leave Sheena without having to give her half of his wealth, which can only be achieved if she chooses to divorce him.

After some setbacks, Sheena and Ricky begin a relationship according to plan. Raj catches Ricky and Sheena in bed, however, Sheena is unfazed. She refuses to divorce Raj and tells him she is intent on continuing with her relationship with Ricky while still being married.

Realizing that Sheena wouldn't divorce him, Raj asks Ricky to return to India. Ricky refuses since he is enjoying his luxurious lifestyle with Sheena and Raj is stunned again. Nisha attends a party in Raj's mansion and afterward claims that she was raped by Ricky. The next morning, Sheena confronts Ricky, and in a fit of rage, brutally murders him with a sword.

A police investigation begins, and Sheena is the prime suspect. As she is being arrested, Raj suddenly confesses to the murder. When Sheena meets him in jail, he transfers all his property to her after discussing the incident. The police search the couple's house and take a few items as evidence. A hidden camera is discovered in Raj's stress ball. Sheena's crime is discovered in the recording found on the camera. She is arrested and she transfers Raj's property back to him. It is revealed that the entire series of events was carefully planned by Raj, who is actually in love with Nisha.

In the end, Raj gives Nisha the property papers as a token of his love. As the bewildered policeman stares at Raj and Nisha in the car, Raj throws the stress ball at him and casually says,"Aisa to aksar hota hai" (This happens often).

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