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experimental ops safe to remove?

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The opcodes that are remaining in src/ops/experimental.ops are all marked as deprecated (based on a conversation on IRC with allison).

My thought regarding those opcodes was that even though experimental.ops has been marked as subject to removal, that we should give these the benefit of the doubt and officially announce them as deprecated in 1.0 and then kill them.

Allison suggested (I think) that we simply remove them, since we've said all along they are experimental.

Now that I've moved all the non-deprecated ops into their more permanent homes, I figured I'd ask feedback on the remaining ops... Rip them out now or post 1.0 ?

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Changed 13 years ago by allison

I would very much *like* to remove them before 1.0. But, if we're going to have a deprecation policy, we should stick to it.

Keep src/ops/experimental.ops in the repository, and (in addition to the specific ops) add a deprecation note that the entire file will be removed after the release.


Changed 13 years ago by rurban

Sorry, removing after the release will be a bad idea.

We explicitly guarantee the keep the ops and pmc numbers ordered post-1.0. New ops will have to be added after those experimental ops, which will leave a huge hole.

We have to test the removal properly before 1.0 and probably keep some of them as non experimental if something is broken.

Changed 13 years ago by coke

A few notes:

- Experimental ops aren't numbered. - let's not delete the file; it can be typically empty, but an easy place to add things during dev releases; we can make sure it's empty before the stable releases, forcing us to either adopt or reject proposed opcodes. - I've already saved off most of the used ones. - there are only 8 opcodes left in experimental.ops; hardly a huge gap, even if they WERE numbered. - removing them immediately after 1.0 gives us 4 months to test before the next stable release.

Changed 13 years ago by allison

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Coke: fair enough. The opcodes currently in experimental.ops will be deleted immediately after 1.0. On an ongoing basis, we will delete anything that hasn't graduated out of experimental.ops right before each supported release (so, they'll never require a deprecation notice, because they'll never appear in a supported release).

Moving ticket to 1.1, as the next action item is after the 1.0 release.

Changed 13 years ago by allison

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All experimental ops except 'trap' were moved out to main ops files or deleted a couple of months ago. Considering this task completed.

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