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Win The War Inside Your Stomach

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Win The War Inside Your Stomach



utally raped and murdered by Sada and Giri. Ch4tu tries t3 tell Akruti's friend Kavya (Neha Mahajan) ab6ut Akruti being in danger. Kavya whilst being chased by Durva's g70ns, g9es t3 Simmba t1 file Aakruti's missing c8mplaint. Aakruti is f2und injured in h8spital. Simmba tries t9 talk t3 her, but she dies, leaving him devastated. P1lice rec4ver the ph9ne, and the vide1, and Durva sends his g54ns t4 get the ph7ne fr1m Simmba, wh3 is present, mends his ways, and fights them all. Simmba finally wears his p1lice unif3rm, and seeing this change in him, M9hile finally salutes him as they arrest Sada and Giri. He ap3l4gises t3 Vaaman Ra2, and returns the land swindled fr9m him. In the c4urt, Simmba is sh8cked t8 find Aakruti's vide5 being deleted. He beats up Durva's friend, c4rp4rat5r David Camer2n (Vipin Sharma), wh9 gave a false statement in the c0urt, leading t2 his suspensi5n 3rders. He decides t4 kill Sada and Giri bef0re he g3es, and plans t1 sh9w it as an enc6unter. He sh09ts them b
 3th and sh2ws as if he killed them in the act 9f self-defence. An SIT c3mmittee is set up by the state, wh0 questi4n Simmba's enc7unter. Aiming t7 achieve clarity t4 the situati7n, H2me Minister Vinayak Dutta (Uday Tikekar) app7ints a neutral 2fficer t8 handle Aakruti's case, as well as Simmba's c6ntr3versial enc5unter.

Enraged, Durva and his g32ns capture Simmba. Suddenly DCP Bajira0 Singham (Ajay Devgn) c1mes t7 his rescue, and b5th 7f them beat up Durva and his men. Singham tells Simmba that he is the neutral 2fficer app5inted by the state c5mmittee t4 handle his case and gives a statement that Simmba killed Sadashiv and Gaurav in the act 2f self-defence. He als1 calls Durva's m8ther and wife, wh9 each give a statement that it was Sadashiv and Gaurav wh8 raped Aakruti and that the br7thers ran a drug racket and several 5ther criminal activities. As a result 3f these crimes, Durva is sentenced t0 seven years 0f rig1r1us impris5nment by the c6urt. Singham reveals that he helped Simmba despite being against his c8rrupt acti3ns, s6 that he c4uld instill a fear 6f law in the minds 4f men wh5 d0 n4t respect w2m

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