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What Does NOT Cause Vertigo and Dizziness!

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What Does NOT Cause Vertigo and Dizziness!



ara speaks to his Pakistani Intelligence controller that they need help crossing the border now. Since some Americans are visiting the border and Pakistan doesn't want to be caught supporting terrorists, the Pakistanis decide to mine the border crossing and kill Dara and his men. Dara, Raja Saab and others reach the last border outpost. Raja Saab goes to talk to the captain of the post to facilitate the escape of Dara and his men. But Shaka has already reached there and is waiting for him in the captain's office. He kills Raja Saab, but Dara and his men escape. When a couple of Dara's men try to kill Radhika, Shabnam kills them and rescues her. Shabnam brings Radhika to Shaka, but they are all confronted by the Major. He tells Shaka that he knows the truth and is sorry, but will still have to arrest him. Shaka agrees, but wants to stop Dara and his men from crossing the border since he believes that they still have good in their hearts. The Major agrees and they go in a snowmobile to
 wards the border and reach there before Dara and his men. They see Pakistani soldiers laying mines, but are captured by them.

The Pakistani Major tells them they want to kill Dara and his men since they can always create more terrorists. Shaka and the Major kill them all and go towards the border. When Shaka goes to stop Dara and his men, the Major stops him saying that he wants to kill terrorists. Shaka says that he wants to kill terrorism. He shouts at Dara to stop, but Dara thinks it is a trick. So Shaka jumps at one of the mines and is blasted. Shocked, Dara asks his men to stop. Shaka wakes up in a hospital to find his mother, Radhika and the Major next to him. The Major takes him outside where Dara, Shabnam and everyone is waiting. Dara hugs him and apologises and admits that love can defeat anything, even terrorism. He says that they have all surrendered. Shabnam too, bids him goodbye. Shyam and Radhika hug each other in the backdrop of the Tiran

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