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you've got to check this out...(2 days left)



em meets Heer, falls in love with her. He loves his father, but he cannot watch Heer marry a mentally challenged man. When Prem's relationship with Heer comes to light at the event of his marriage, his father, Lalit Juneja, gets angry and disowns him. Prem leaves his house along with Heer and Mehar. Prem regrets hurting his father, but he has made a promise to Heer. After a period of tribulation, during a storm, Lalit Juneja, Prem's father, realizes the truth and is ready to give his blessing to the couple. Heer does not know this, and pretends to have amnesia so that Prem can be free to go back to his family. Heer sneaks out one night, and Prem goes after her. At the train station, Lalit helps Prem convince Heer to stay. Heer and Prem reunite and Lalit gives them his blessing.

Before Heer and Prem can marry, Prem supposedly dies in a bomb blast. However, he turns out to be alive, and pretends to be suffering from amnesia. He comes back in time to save Heer from marriage to a man bent on destroying the Juneja family. It then seems that the man Heer married is not Prem Juneja, but is actually someone masquerading as him for money. As the story moves along, it is proved that Heer's husband actually is Prem Juneja, but he is dying of a disease. And then, that turns out to be a lie. Prem is actually whole and healthy. Prem and Heer reun

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