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Terrible News for All LED Screen Users

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Terrible News for All LED Screen Users



hood friend Gaura enters the story to take revenge for her brother's death, caused by Kokila's mistake. Oblivious to Gaura's intentions, Vidya's marriage is arranged to her grandson Shravan. Gaura secretly gets Meera married to her son Dharam, Shravan's father. Equally involved in the revenge game with Gaura, Dharam traps Meera in their plan by constantly instigating her against Modi family.

Gaura brainwashes Meera and makes her hate the Modis severely. During this time, Gopi's mother Madhu returns with her adopted daughter Sonakshi "Sona" to seek revenge for Radha's death. She secretly joins forces with Gaura. Madhu later dies and her adopted daughter Sona marries Sahir. Meera accepts Gopi and apologize to her. Gaura attempts to kill Kokila, and hurt the Modis several times, but she is eventually caught and arrested.

Later, Dharam and Meera gradually fall in love. Meera leaves the house returning to her family because of Gaura's behavior towards her. She decides to marry her ex-boyfriend Sanskaar. However, Dharam arrives and confesses his love, and Dharam and Meera get remarried. Later, Ahem dies from an accident arranged by Gaura. (In actuality, he was rescued by Gehna, which was revealed in Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2)

5 years later
Gopi is extremely depressed since Ahem's demise having not smiled or talked for years. Kokila has to look after Gopi on her own. Paridhi has thrown Sahir, Sona and their kids out of Modi mansion and gets Samar married to Monica, an educated fashionista who is just like her. The rest of the family has moved to Canada.

On the other hand, Vidya has a 4-year-old daugh

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