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It’s Like WD - 40 For Your Joints

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 It’s Like WD - 40 For Your Joints



ajor time leaps, the story shows Simar and Piyush returning to Bharadwaj house and reuniting with their family after several scenarios of the plot. Now Anjali, who is brought up by Khushi, has grown up to be a spoilt and selfish fashionista and blames Simar for abandoning her. Simar and Prem together help their children in their lives. They marry Anjali to Vikram Agarwal and later Piyush to his best friend Roshni Kapoor. After Simar helps Anjali managing her marriage, Anjali accepts her mother.

Kaal awakens on Piyush's 25th birthday, possessing him and killing Roshni's father, Sumit Kapoor, but is finally defeated by a sorceress named Riddhima. Later, Vikram leaves Anjali for Tanvi. Anjali divorces her husband and returns to the Bharadwaj house. Sanjana returns to Bharadwaj house from London, where she was sent years ago to pursue higher studies. Upon realizing Sanjana and her college friend Sameer Kapoor's mutual feelings, the Bharadwajs fix their marriage. However, Anjali discovers that Sameer is a fraud who is conspiring against the Bharadwajs' and to spare herself from the same fate, she marries Sameer in a secret ceremony. She humiliates her family members and treats them like servants. Piyush plots a master plan to get the Bharadwaj's property back from Anjali, she threatens to kill her own mother but is stopped by Simar who shoots her and Anjali falls into a coma.

Bhairavi, Sameer's mother is revealed to have shot Anjali. Together with Sameer, she enters the Bharadwajs' lives to avenge Prem for running car over her husband. It is subsequently revealed than Bhairavi murdered him herself after he discovered she was a drug dealer and is using the Bharadwajs as a cover-up. After absorbing supernatural powers, Bhairavi turns into a daayan and kills Simar, leaving the Bharadwajs heartbroken. However, the Mother Goddess Durga, deeply worshipped by the Bharadwaj family, enters their household in the form of Simar, to destroy Bhairavi and bring Simar back to life. Sameer repents for his mistakes and the Bharadwajs forgive and accept him. Anjali wakes up from coma and asks forgiveness from all the family membe

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