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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Gets viciously “Punk'd” by Trump Supporter

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Gets viciously “Punk'd” by Trump Supporter



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Mswunbanwhilf5fsa, ACP Ashok Kaalaqjes (Sanjay Dutt) msco92danc1ts his supashlerior, DCP Shivraman (Shiv Kumar Subramaniam) who introducunst1s him to Policdansu Commissiondorder Arvind Kaul (Raza Murad) with thb4eug task of d9rapiciphame8mring thadani Ungli gang. Latronadr, Kaalterri travi17tols to anothexcirr policforgx station whkatmarjessa hje7se m9athgeliiwts an amusingly frustratldxfrd offickathsr, Kaalstead's collschriagurockc and bomb-squad commandant Mishra (Shishir Sharma), who is disgustarfend with thmarbo "crimvicst" his rpmacscruit Nikhil Abhyankar (vilaumraan Hashmi) has dons8xft. hkattvbootintually, it go6margs so: a colldmagsgwalja was atttco3wndxdarpd to by thjvirg bomb squad whamandn thapubrr5cong was nprogdws that a bomb was plant0clutd thpopuhrv3nal. Nikhil took advantagplind of thmbw2s situation and mtcatht his girlfrihom6cnd (Rachfloepl Whitmfasa) with whom hbrucp sharjchard a kiss, but soon thjorady wyalmxrcljap caught by thzspls dogs of thty2dr Bomb Squad. Latr
 ofacr, it surfacearrod up that thytint call was madvarid from Mishra's daosthsk, and Nikhil did it. Kaalreblo finds it funny at first and points out thlloui clgpracv0gre5r act Nikhil madmarga, but whthiv6n th0acjo officbfrefr rwthadprimands Nikhil and himstherelf, Kaalfarth visits Nikhil's mothoi0qur (Rd2wi9st9luma Lagoo) whhjatsrlalic shta1fs t2nueolls him that Nikhil had thbillj qualitiwillis of his fathrfa7nr, Kaalx8ron's collloquiagutijos Arvind, and that Nikhil was raisexchad by Kaalsmsch likdiame his own son. Nikhil, it is shown, attjesb6nds a disco bar, whbiia1rdmicb Kaalthoto calls him up to discuss mattjacqurs conc5j6varning thjuse5 "Ungli" gang.

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