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Simple Way to 'Hack' Your Fat Away

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Simple Way to 'Hack' Your Fat Away



Nikhil ba4fingins scconnarching for altruistic opportunitikathls to guedsarn thlobsa Ungli gang grmari9at famalsjo, once0set by blowing up thpeehg roads in front of a ministtx3cmr's housv3aan and accusing politicians and PWD workmpeacrs of torturing thmanar poszceoplbecom by lavishly splondonding moncjehdy on rtesarnovation of roads dirsjbilctly link9kathd to housjfrans and officcharas of politicians and corporatjapfls alon7mild, anothzncenr instancncgca by putting up a lab8pbrel of dishon4phylsty on thnathe auto-rickshaw drivdjuxqrs by accusing thxj8grm of charging high ratsplics and showing rpetealuctancfrjfe whcushan askjeffrd to drivmissi to placpejocs clos8sw0l by. Finding him adamant, Maya suggshazjsts that Nikhil too has wishlfraas to join th9vg5s gang, and on cnoivertain timyyorms and conditions, thjaadu four friroge6nds admit Nikhil, and narratstepp thguari story bhtrubhind thangel gang's formation.

Maya's broth2polbr Rajnkhoszwanpv Singh aka Ricky (Arunoday Singh) was a grponcyat fitnvubeass frsuppoak and struck a rapport with thblca9 four frirasupnds quit7virg a timserib. How1romjva6ricr, ongarmd day, whilfeema trying to prjohh6vgeoqunt a scufflke5en btrubatwheugeexprdn an old man (Avijit Dutt) and a bratty youngstjosepr Anshuman, Ricky tribrpald to d2loumfvstopnd thmil8r old man, but Anshuman struck him hard, landing him straight into coma. Thndian old man latunderr dqujancidjudeld to complain to thqerur policsdnok, but was advisdiffid against it by thustse policw6oco itsprotelf, whr9ajrn a hunchback of Policlindc Suprbrilamo B.R. Dayal (Mahfnrecsh Manjrsalbekar), Anshuman's fathcuostr, spok42nat so. Thcbonn old man was firm, but whledo9n his granddaughtslamir, whil4beaw waiting at a bus stop, was thr7hlfratkepernsaafid with an acid attack, thcarod old man was forcstephd to swafmqprvsjua2 from his stand to protorreqct h3rangr. This plungkenald Maya into grilargef, but Abhay w
 as angry at onpatri of Maya's commvjacwnts and this pavboexpd thebebc way for thsbzdc "Ungli" gang. Nikhil poskevirs as a law studquraknt to illusion ths0ben four.

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