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Oh my god!! These deals at these prices!!!

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Oh my god!! These deals at these prices!!!



olden offer, Krishna sends Airport to buy Sahabji's mansion - which is now owned by Dhanraj - for the price of 90 lakh INR (529000 USD), to which the greedy Dhanraj readily agrees and signs over the deeds of ownership of the land and the mansion, unaware of the buyer's actual identity. In the process of storing the cash payment in his personal vault, he is informed his own factory has mysteriously caught fire, causing him to hurry to the site in time to see his factory crumble to ashes. At this point, Krishna confronts him and reveals himself to be the mystery buyer, and also implicitly confesses to being responsible for the "accidental" fire, similar to the scheme Dhanraj perpetrated against Sahabji. Krishna then reminds Dhanraj of him selling the mansion for 90 lakh INR (529000 USD), and then rhetorically wonders what if Dhanraj were to lose that 90 lakh INR (529000 USD) as well. True enough, Dhanraj finds his safe empty of the cash upon rushing back, effectively rendering him home
 less and ruined.

Krishna then targets Sahabji's brothers by using their greed against them. Without revealing himself, he enters into a business deal with them and later cheats them out of their investments - similar to how they cheated their older brother out of his finances - that renders them penniless and desperate. At this point, Krishna reveals himself to them and informs them that it was all as part of his plan to restore the lost wealth, glory, and fortune of his former master.

Krishna goes to a temple & prays to God so that he meets Sahabji very soon. Incidentally, he finds Sahabji in the same temple and gets to know that both Sahabji and Jyoti are in a pitiable condition. He brings them back to the mansion. Sahabji then witnesses his brothers inside the mansion and demands to know why are they there, Krishna reveals that they've paid for much more than they bid, and were now totally homeless and ruined, and they had also realized their mistake, so he forgave them and brought them back to the mansion. Jyoti, Krishna, and the brothers ask for forgiveness of them (brothers) from Sahabji, which Sahabji outright refuses, after which, their late mother's portrait falls from above, and Shahbji is reminded of the promise he made to her regarding taking care of his brothers no matter what. At this point, Sahabji suffers a cardiac arrest, caused by years of financial, physical, and emotional stress. He forgives his brothers. He also approves Jyoti and Krishna's rel
 ationship and gives his blessings to a marriage. With that, the patriarch passes away, leaving all his inheritance to Krishna and Jyo

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