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Worried about snoring

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Worried about snoring



aceae is estimated to have diverged from other conifer groups during the late Carboniferous ~313 million years ago. Various possible stem-group members of the group have been reported from as early as the Late Permian (Lopingian). Members of the extinct genus Schizolepidopsis likely represent stem-group members of the Pinaceae, the first good records of which are in the Middle-Late Triassic, with abundant records during the Jurassic across Eurasia. The oldest crown group (descendant of the last common ancestor of all living species) member of Pinaceae is the cone Eathiestrobus, known from the Upper Jurassic (lower Kimmeridgian, 157.3-154.7 million years ago) of Scotland, which likely belongs to the pinoid grouping of the family. Pinaceae rapidly radiated during the Early Cretaceous. Members of the modern genera Pinus (pines), Picea (spruce) and Cedrus (cedar) first appear during the Early Cretaceous. The extinct Cretaceous genera Pseudoaraucaria and Obirastrobus appear to be members 
 of Abietoideae, while Pityostrobus appears to be non-monophyletic, containing many disparately related members of Pinace

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