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Affordable Foreclosures Available Today!

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Affordable Foreclosures Available Today!



ha, is the story of Shankar (Dharmendra), a superhero with an iron body. He is a suspended police officer who faces the loss of his loved ones due to criminals in the city.

The movie begins with the introduction to a powerful underworld Don, Lukka (Mohan Joshi). He has a stake in all illegal activities like weapon smuggling, drugs, and land encroachment. Lukka's sidekicks include Salim Chikna (Harish Patel), Takla (Rami Reddy), muscleman Babu Batla (Bajrangi), and Munna Mobile (Razzak Khan).

Lukka ousts his erstwhile mentor Tandya Bhai (Deepak Shirke) to emerge as the number 1 don of Mumbai. After seeing Tandya rebel against Lukka's disloyalty, he captures Tandya's sister and lets Batla rape and kill her. Tandya is enraged by Lukka's actions and goes to kill him. However, he is surrounded by Lukka's men and is convinced by Lukka that he has no reason to live, following which Lukka himself kills Tandya.

The horrific act of Lukka was felt across the 'basti' where Shankar (Dharmendra) lived. A curfew is placed on the basti where Shankar meets Inspector Kaale (Ishrat Ali), a corrupt inspector who helps Lukka in washing off his crimes in the eyes of the law. Inspector Kaale is always at loggerheads with the commissioner (Kiran Kumar), who is an honest officer. The basti rallies against Lukka's thuggery but to no avail as the leader of the rally is killed by Lukka in broad daylight. When Inspector Kaale comes to investigate the matter, he argues with an angry Shankar, who tells the inspector to inform the goons that their end will come soon. Shankar later meets Lukka and they become sworn enemies.

Geeta, an aide of Mustafa (Shakti Kapoor) gets to know about the open challenge that Shankar posed to Lukka. She brings Shankar and Mustafa together to plot against Lukka. Mustafa used to be the top don of Bombay until Lukka became powerful. Lukka ordered Batla to slice Mustafa's hands, which led to Mustafa dedicating his life to ending Lukka's reign. He informs Shankar it was Batla who killed Tandya's sister. This leads to Shankar chasing and beating up Batla. Fearing his life, Batla offers to testify against Lukka. But Lukka reaches the scene where Shankar cornered Batla. The commissioner arrests Lukka, Takla, and Batla. Lukka and Takla soon get bail at the behest of the minister (Pramod Moutho). Secretly, Inspector Kaale lets Batla escape from lockup to start a new life away from Lukka. Unfortunately, once Batla was released, he encounters Lukka and his sidekicks. Angered at Batla's treachery, Lukka stabs and kills him.

Inspector Sujata Singh (Sujata Mehta) comes across some goons molesting a woman. While protecting the woman, she herself gets harassed by the goons. Fortunately, Arjun (Mithun Chakraborty) comes to the rescue of the inspector and the woman. Arjun is an alcoholic who has no will to live due to his loneliness. Years ago, he used to be a soldier in love with his girlfriend Karishma (Ramya Krishnan). Arjun was after the life of a weapons smug

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