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Dangerous to anus (here's what you need to know)

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Dangerous to anus (here's what you need to know)



lice inspectors Arjun Singh and Pyare Mohan Bhargava share a friendly bond. Arjun is unmarried and some petty comments are made about his age. His sister Seema is dating Pyare. Zorawar Siddiqui, a business smuggler of diamonds and arms, works under the cover of being a statue maker. In a hotel, he discovers he is being spied upon; he gets rid of Madhu, an eyewitness. Her friend, Neha sees her murder. She calls police, and Arjun comes there. He takes her to Pyare's house.

Two petty thieves Bade Miyan and Chote Miyan who are look-alikes of Arjun and Pyare, arrive in town. Confusion ensues when every crime the crooks commit are blamed on Arjun and Pyare. Things goes further downhill when Shyamlal, the police commissioner is also thrashed by the doubles. Even Seema and Neha mistake Bade and Chote for Arjun and Pyare. Arjun and Pyare land in trouble when Zorawar kidnaps Seema. They are arrested but get saved by the arrival of Bade and Chote.

Bade and Chote confuse their acts of theft and conning and promise to get Seema back. They arrive at Zorawar's hideout and stall them while Arjun and Pyare come with the police force and everyone at the hideout is arrested. The crooks leave after apologising to Seema for the confusion. However some of Zorawar's men hijack the police van which is taking him and his associates to jail. They are stopped by Bade and Chote, asking for a lift. Chote realises the truth and gets Zorawar and his men arrested.

Arjun and Pyare are criticised for their mistake regarding the hijacking of the van and the two crooks are given a job in the police force by Shyamlal. Arjun and Pyare end up being demoted to the post of traffic police officers; Bade and Chote take their place as police inspecto

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