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Are you seeing results with CoQ10?

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Are you seeing results with CoQ10?



aju Pardesi (Govinda), a poor villager, relocates to Mumbai for better life. He falls in love with a rich guy's daughter, Chinni (Shilpa Shetty). Chinni's father opposes their love and challenges Raju to acquire INR one crore within a year if he wants to marry Chinni. Pardesi reaches to the tea plantation in Darjeeling, where he meets Karuna (Raveena Tandon) who is there as their maid. Pardesi and Karuna eventually fall in love. Meanwhile, the tea business grows and Pardesi is able to collect the required money within a year. However, as the returning time nears, Karuna discovers that Pardesi loves Chinni, and becomes very sad. Pardesi goes to tell her the truth, but discovers that the suitcase which he got at the railway station was of Karuna's father, who is now suffering with a mental trauma. Pardesi feels that it is his fault and decides marry Karuna. However, at the day of their marriage, Chinni comes there and sees that Pardesi is marrying Karuna. She gets to know the entire st
 ory and decides to return. Karuna also gets the entire story and finally decides that the true bride for Pardesi is Chinni. The story ends with Pardesi and Chinni's marria

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