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Is This ‘Silent Killer’ Murdering Your Manhood?

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Is This ‘Silent Killer’ Murdering Your Manhood? 



avesh is happy with Prachi but Prachi is stifled at the old-fashioned ideals and strict rules of Bhavesh's father. She, without her father-in-law's knowledge, applies for a job – the very idea of which angers him. Bhavesh, taking sides with his father, slaps her at the same time Prachi's father arrives. Bhavesh, bound by his father's old-fashioned ideas, is unable to stand by his wife. This ends with Prachi divorcing Bhavesh.

Jeet later changes his lifestyle when he meets Anjali (Amrita Rao in a special appearance), who turns out to be different from all the other girls he has met since she does not give up on him and expresses a genuine desire to marry him. He decides to marry her and Karan and Bhavesh shout themselves hoarse at him, stating that since Jeet had facilitated their divorces, he has no right to get married. Jeet explains that he was wrong in taking a negative view of love and marriage and also says that wives or "life partners" always stood by their husbands, thus it is never worth it to break up such a relationship.

At Jeet's wedding, Sanjana enters the party, wearing a "bomb", shouting that Jeet was happily getting married when he had caused her divorce. With five minutes left for the bomb to explode, Karan and Sanjana have an argument as to why their divorce took place. Sanjana's father intervenes by saying that he had been against the relationship from the start, and he had sent the divorce papers to them without their knowledge. With only seconds left, Bhavesh's father also apologises to Prachi and the family for imposing his traditional values on them. However, the "bomb" turns out to be fake. When this is revealed to be a plan concocted by Jeet and Sanjana to bring everyone to admit their mistakes, everyone reconciles with each other.

At the end, Bhavesh's father lets go of his strict ideals and is shown interacting happily and in a modern manner with his family. Jeet becomes a marriage counsellor, now uniting the very people he separated, and Karan unsuccessfully tries to teach Sanjana how to coo

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