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Warmth & Comfort In Every Room

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Warmth & Comfort In Every Room



oon, Tanveer's daughter enters their life disguised as Misbah, Shaad's cousin, and kills the family posing as a terrorist. Shaad and Jannat chase Misbah and reach India, where Aahil finds her and suggests they come to Bhopal for her treatment. Shaad realises Jannat is Sanam and leaves her with Aahil. But Sanam's impostor, still living with Aahil, tries to keep her away from him. She pays a man to kill them and successfully kills Aahil, but Shaad returns and sacrifices himself to save Sanam. Devastated by the death of Aahil and Shaad, Sanam curses her impostor's youth and kills herself.

Season 4
25 years later
Mahira takes birth at the same time when Sanam dies. Mahira is the answer to Sanam's last prayer. She comes to Bhopal to stay with her stepsisters. She encounters Fake Sanam (now Khan Begum) who is now miserable without her powers. She also encounters her older son Azaad, and they fall in love. However, Azaad is revealed to be a vampire. Mahira is initially engaged to Amaad (Khan Begum's yougest son) as Azaad rejects her to keep her safe from himself. But Khan Begum later has her marry Azaad on persistence of Razia, who believes only the offspring of true lovers can help them recover Khan Begum's evil powers. But soon, Afreen enters in their lives, killing Amaad and causes a havoc, tormenting and separating the newlyweds. Afreen in her attempt to kill Khan Begum kills Azaad and his heart is transplanted into his older brother Armaan, who is the first born of KB. She also learns that her first born and Mahira's offspring can actually bring back her evil powers.

Though, they are initially at loggerheads as Armaan fakes his love for Mahira to take the revenge of her slaps, they are married as he blackmails her. Both Mahira and Armaan try to trouble and outsmart each other after the marriage but soon falls for each other after she saves him from terrorists. Amaad returns their lives and manipulates Armaan into divorcing Mahira. Khan Begum finally realizes her mistakes and is now powerless. She sacrifices herself to revive Armaan. In the end, Mahira and Armaan gets married again and names their daughter, Zoya, ending Qubool Ha

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