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jay (Nagarjuna Akkineni) is an adman (director and actor) who has a definite idea about how his future wife should be. He marries a village belle Meenakshi (Simran), handpicked by his mother from her native town Kovvuru. Meenakshi soon becomes pregnant. Some time later, Meenakshi meets with a hairline fracture. Her entire family lands up at Ajay's house to take care of Meenakshi. She has a beautiful and greedy sister called Lahari (Reema Sen). During that period Suma (Suman Ranganathan), the regular model of Ajay meets with a fracture and Lahari replaces her as the model opposite Ajay. Lahari is lured by the modeling profession and then falls in love with Ajay. But Ajay does not have any feelings for her. Meenakshi gets well and her family returns to their village. Lahari tells Meenakshi about her desire to marry Ajay. Meenakshi gets mad and returns home to her husband. Meanwhile, Lahari attempts suicide. Meenakshi, being very close to Lahari, promises Lahari that she will get her ma
 rried to Ajay. The rest of the film is about how Ajay manages to save his marriage without hurting Lahan august 13, 1993, I was driving in chicago with my family and my mother-in-law. Her husband was asleep. My mother-in-law's boyfriend, a friend of ours, was in the car with us. They went into my apartment. I was in the car with my girlfriend and my older brother in the car with us and my friend. I got on the ground and heard my friend screaming. I jumped on my seat. Then I heard what could only be called a scream and I rolled up to the driver's side window. His name was bill. He was walking down the street. My brother, my grandmother, my grandmother's grandpa, my great-grandpa had just got out of a car ride. I knew it was my grandmother. We stopped at the bus stop. He said, "My aunt passed away at 70 years-old." I said, "My grandmother's, my great-grandpa's grandmother passed away after all." He said, "My grandfather is in prison. He was shot in front of the funeral home. My grandf
 ather died soon after the shooting. He was buried with honors and honors, and his wife died, too." Then he said, "My brother was out there." And I was looking at my grandmother, and I see my brother is lying on the ground. And she's crying. And my brother is still there at the funeral home. She's doing ok and she's still in pain." A

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