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The Best Wireless Earbuds for the Price

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The Best Wireless Earbuds for the Price



he film begins with two childhood friends living in a village at Araku Valley. Anu (Reema Sen) is the daughter of a wealthy government officer. Chanti (Uday Kiran), son of a widowed mother, lives in a small hut beside their house. Anu is attracted to the kindness of Chanti and they both become friends. Anu's father does not like their friendship, but they continue playing together. One day, Anu's father gets a job transfer and they leave to Vizag. Before leaving, Anu gives Chanti a musical alarm clock as a parting gift when they leave to Vizag. He keeps this gift as a token of her remembrance.

After some time, his mother dies because of a disease and he is an orphan now. He starts selling breakfast to the railway passengers and tries to make a living of it. One day, a kind couple, Mohan Rao (Chandra Mohan) and Sudha with their little daughter Rekha, impressed by his honesty, decide to adopt him and give him a good life. They give him a new name Venu and bring him up as their eldest child. He looks after their Audio/Video cafe run by Mohan Rao. Anu goes to Malaysia and completes her education, but she still remembers her childhood friend Chanti. Her parents want her to marry her cousin, but she convinces them that she does not want to marry now. She also reveals to her cousin that she still likes Chanti and hopes to meet him someday.

She comes to India in the hope of finding Chanti, but fails to meet him. She starts writing about their friendship since their childhood in a serial and visits the editor of Swati magazine and tells him that this is her own story, Manasantha Nuvve. He gets impressed by the story and agrees to publish it in his magazine with her pen name Renu. Venu's sister becomes a big fan of that serial and admires her. She keeps asking Venu to find her and get her home.

One day, Renu is invited to a stage show where Venu also reveals the story and the love of his childhood friend Anu. Renu becomes happy that she found him, but wanted to give him a thrill by not revealing her identity. She introduces herself to him as Renu, the writer of the serial Manasantha Nuvve. He feels happy that he can take her to his sister and surprise her. Renu visits their home and she becomes a good family friend. She also teases and plays with Venu without revealing who she really is. After reading her serial, Venu happily comes to know that Renu is Anu and asks her to come somewhere for their surprise visit.

Unfortunately, Anu's father ruined their future happiness by telling him about the wedding of Anu and the minister's son before that and threatens him to forget his daughter or else he will spoil his sister's marriage (which will be on the same day as Anu's wedding). He agrees to his proposal and fears his sister's life so he makes Anu hate him by lying that he is in love with Renu and is not waiting for and not loving Anu. Anu is shocked and sad.

On the day of Venu's sister's marriage and Anu's marriage, Anu finds out that Venu already knows that Renu is Anu and that her father is the reason for their breakup and spoils her own marriage with a minister's son and told Venu that if he comes in her way then he will spoil his sister's marriage. After knowing the truth and Venu's true love towards Anu, Anu now rushes to Venu. Venu is wounded by one of the henchmen of Anu's father and minister and goes into a coma. Finally, he recuperates from the coma after listening to the alarm sound given by Anu in their childhood and the couple unites. The couple's family and friends agree with their lov

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