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(NSFW) Make her squirt

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(NSFW) Make her squirt



In 1279 A.D., the downfall of the Chola dynasty seems imminent as the Pandyas drive the Chola people out of their kingdom in southern India. To escape them and save the life of his successor, the Chola emperor sends his son, his Royal Advisor and the remaining Chola people to a secret territory. The refugees take along an idol sacred to the Pandyas, angering them. To capture the escaped Cholas and the stolen idol, the Pandyas extend their invasion to unexplored territories but cannot find them.

Centuries later, in 2008, Indian archaeologists continue searching for the existence of the lost Chola group based on clues left by the ancient Pandyan warriors. All archaeologists who attempted to search for the secret land have disappeared. Archaeologist Chandramouli is the most recent person to have gone missing suddenly.

The Indian government organizes a search expedition led by the cruel and arrogant officer Anitha to find Chandramouli and the Chola empire; she is assisted by the Indian army led by Ravisekharan. They recruit the aloof and quiet archaeologist Lavanya, the estranged daughter of Chandramouli, because her insight is essential for the success of the expedition. She hands over crucial documents on the Chola dynasty, prepared by her father, with instructions on the route to reach the destination.

Along with the army, Anitha employs a group of porters headed by Muthu, who she and the army continually ill-treat and see as inferior, to transport the baggage during the journey. The crew embark on their voyage leading them to an island, Min-gua, near Vietnam. The island borders three countries: Vietnam, Thailand, and Malaysia. They face seven traps set by the Cholas: sea creatures which they flee from, cannibals who cannot eat them as long as they don't look at their face, warriors whose land they invade and brutally kill, snakes, hunger, quicksand, and a village. Many porters and army men are killed by these traps, with Anitha forcing the porters to carry on despite their protests and emotionally manipulating Muthu into not retreating with his fellow porters by insulting his masculinity. She had not warned them of the dangers and treated the porters as expendable, with the army commander, approved by Anitha, forcing the porters to carry on under threat of being shot and refusing 
 their rightful payment for services render

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