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Eat Pink Sea Salt To Fix Your Thyroid?

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Eat Pink Sea Salt To Fix Your Thyroid?



Three medical friends from Delhi go missing in a small village – Jhanjhar. It's two months, and there is no clue about their disappearance. The media and students movement demand action from the authorities. It's then that the government orders a Central Bureau of Investigation enquiry with officers Siddhant Chaturvedi CBI (Akshaye Khanna) and Pratap Kumar (Ajay Devgan) to solve the case. They find it difficult to solve the case as the local police and other authorities are a part of Shool Sena, which is supported by the Home Minister and is responsible for illicit activities. Siddhant and Pratap also face Superintendent of police Ajatshatru Singh IPS (Paresh Rawal), a ruthless police officer who misuses his power. Not only that, even the locals don't support the investigation.

It's with the help of Roshni (Amita Pathak), who is the daughter of the village head and also very wealthy, and Geeta (Bipasha Basu), who is Ajatshatru's wife and Pratap's former love, that the investigation moves ahead.

The truth behind the missing three friends is revealed by Geeta, who witnessed the killing of these boys by a local politician helped by her husband.

This investigation is filled with many traps and thrills created by Ajatshatru and his colleagues. They try to destroy the name of CBI in a number of ways. The duo also manages to get one of the criminals to believe that the shool sena is trying to kill him, assuming him to be a mole, and that he had better become a government witness for their case. The criminal who intimidated was only guilty of burying the bodies. Things get worse when Ajatshatru comes to know about his wife Geeta helping CBI. He then beats Geeta brutally with his belt behind closed doors and leaves her hospitalized. Pratap, filled with anger, traps each of the criminals by hacking their respective phone's databases and capturing their illicit activities on CCTV cameras. When it is Ajatshatru's turn, Pratap cuts him with a sharp razor and beats him brutally and mercilessly in a salon behind closed doors. In the end, all the criminals are sentenced to imprisonment. However, the longest sentence doled out was only f
 or 10 years and the lightest was for 3. Obviously, justice is still blind because there was no sentence passed for the 300 villagers burned alive, the cruel beating of the wife, or the kidnap, abuse, and cutting of the tongue of Jamunia.

But the story does not end there. As everyone is leaving the court, Siddhant slips a revolver into village woman Jamunia's (Reema Sen) hands, with which she manages to kill all the culprits.

The film ends with Siddhant and Pratap bidding goodbye at the railway station, and Geeta running behind Pratap as he boards the train to leave, with Siddhant watchi

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