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Russian Weight Loss Method STUNS U.S.A

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Russian Weight Loss Method STUNS U.S.A



madhir where the two decide to become allies against their common enemy, Sardar. Sultan asks Ramadhir for modern automatic weapons which the latter promises to give.

By 1989, coal theft has become a common, petty crime and the big money has moved to fraudulent contracts for logging hollow mines and filling up defunct mines.

In 1990, Sardar quits coal and starts stealing sand off the riverbank. He gets the contract to fill the defunct mines in Nasir's name. He becomes the most feared man in Wasseypur, pushing the Qureishis out of Wasseypur and shifts his business to stealing iron ore. Coal becomes a mere chapter in the Dhanbad mafia. A mature Danish (Vineet Kumar Singh) joins the family business. A failed attack from Sultan leaves Danish with a minor injury and causes reconciliation between Sardar and Nagma. Sardar finds Ramadhir and warns him of terrible consequences if anything ever happens to his family.

A mature Faizal (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) is seriously affected by Bollywood movies as he starts behaving, talking and dressing like Bollywood characters. Sardar sends Faizal to Varanasi to buy guns, but Faizal is caught by the police and jailed. Upon release, he kills the gun seller Yadav, unknowingly avenging his grandfather's murder. An uneasy peace is maintained between the Qureshi and Khan families when Danish convinces Badoor Qureshi, uncle of Sultan, to stop the war and marries Shama Parveen (Anurita Jha), Sultan's sister. Sultan detests the marriage and tries to prevent it to no avail. At the same time, Faizal begins romancing Mohsina Hamid (Huma Qureshi), another kin of Sultan.

Faizal reveals to his friend, Fazlu (Sanjay Singh) that his father would be travelling without security the next day. Fazlu, who works for Sultan, calls up the Qureshis and tells them that Sardar's bodyguards wouldn't be with him the next day. The next morning, Sardar leaves home alone and reaches Durga's house where he gives her expense allowance. Once Sardar leaves, Durga also calls up the Qureshis and tells them that he has just left her house. The Qureshi men follow Sardar's car, and, when the latter stops at a petrol pump to refuel, they start shooting as Sardar ducks in the car for cover. The Qureshi men put several close rounds through the car window ensuring a precise and unmistakable hit, after which they escape. A shocked Sardar opens the car door and stands up to reveal multiple bullet wounds, with one bullet embedded in his head. He steps out with his gun drawn to stop a cycle ferry on which he eventually collapses to his dea

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