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?THIS IS CRAZY! Squeeze every drop of energy from the sun with the help of this device.

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?THIS IS CRAZY! Squeeze every drop of energy from the sun with the help of this device.



jeev and Daljeet take Mamta to the maternity clinic where the doctor anounces that she is pregnant. When Daljeet suggests Mamta to go back to US as it would not be possible for them to hide the pregnancy from the family members much longer, Mamta realises that she loves Rajeev and needs his support, and thus decides not to go to US with the excuse that air travel would be dangerous for her unborn child during the first three months. Shakti learns of Mamta's pregnancy through his minion. He uses an app to modify his voice and starts harassing Daljeet by calling her anonymously through a private number and threatening to expose the truth of Mamta's pregnanacy to the family members. Meanwhile, Laksh apologises to Trishala and begs her to give him a chance. Since he has still not learned to trust Trishala and give her freedom, she refuses to forgive him and breaks up with him. She hopes that Laksh would be a better person the next time she meets him. Rajeev and Daljeet feel proud for hav
 ing an empowered and independent daughter like Trishala.

While Rajeev and Daljeet are making romantic memories together with their love for each other growing day by day, Mamta is disheartened as she sees them hugging. Shakti again calls Daljeet anonymously and tells her to meet him. It turns out that Daljeet had figured by herself that the wretched man creating problems in her life is none other than Shakti. Daljeet quickly goes to meet him, but is confused and surprised as Shakti expresses regret for his deeds and declares that he is now a better person, who wants her help to gain the affection of his nephews and wants to change himself for Mamta, the love of his life. Daljeet recalls Shakti's disgusting deeds and doesn't believe him but knowing what he is capable of, pretends to believe him. She becomes desperate to send Mamta back to US to protect her and her unborn child from Shakti, and tells Rajeev to talk to Mamta about it but doesn't tell him about her encounter with Shakti. Mamta overhears this and becomes furious as she, too, is
  unaware about Daljeet's intention and doesn't want to go back to US as she loves Rajeev. Mamta's love for Rajeev wins over her consciousness as she plots to throw Daljeet out of Rajeev's lif

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