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Purple fruit melts 57 LBs?

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Purple fruit melts 57 LBs?



akti arrives and reveals that Trishala, Rajeev's daughter, is in love with a boy named Laksh, whom she met after Jhanvi's death and fell in love with as he supported her. Everyone except Daljeet and Barry oppose Laksh and Trishala's relationship as Laksh is not of their caste. But Daljeet convinces them to give Laksh a chance as Trishala loves him. Trishala realises Daljeet's love for her and accepts her as her mother. But Laksh's mother Shobha, after being blackmailed by Shakti, rejects the marriage, using Rajeev's remarriage with Daljeet as an excuse. Daljeet holds herself responsible for Trishala's misery and tells Shobha the truth of her marriage with Rajeev, which Shakti records. Shobha now tells Rajeev and Daljeet how she was blackmailed, and agrees to Trishala and Laksh's marriage. Meanwhile, Daljeet finally confesses her love for Rajeev but he refuses to accept her feelings, as the only woman he loves is Jhanvi. Daljeet gets heartbroken upon hearing this but hides the pain wi
 thin her.

During Laksh and Trishala's engagement ceremony, Shakti arrives and shows everyone the recording of Daljeet's confession regarding her fake marriage with Rajeev. Everyone is surprised but decide to help Daljeet and her children and support them in their fight against Shakti. When Shakti reopens Barry and Twinkle's custody case and shows the judge the recording of Daljeet's confession, Rajeev proves that Shakti is a bad role model and human who does not care about Daljeet's children. Daljeet wins the case but her fake marriage with Rajeev is annulled. She is disheartened that her relationship with Rajeev has come to an end, while Rajeev starts falling in love with her but doesn't yet realise his feelings. As Daljeet decides to move out of the house, Rishabh shamelessly decides to celebrate the Baggas' departure and is slapped by Pratap, his grandfather. Pratap convinces Daljeet to stay with them by proving to her and Rajeev that they have become parents to each other's children. Risha
 bh's hatred for Daljeet increases as he thinks that she has turned his own family against him. Having fallen in bad company with a drug addict named Gargi, he makes a plan with her to humiliate Daljeet but both of them repent their actions when Daljeet learns about their plans but still defends them. Rishabh melts upon seeing Daljeet's love and care for him and starts to like her, while Gargi has a change of heart and becomes a good per

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