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Five easy steps to spicy women

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Five easy steps to spicy women



ason 1
In an ancient era of gods and asuras (demons, actually aliens from Venus), a mystic invisibility ring is lost in an epic battle. The ring becomes a myth, believed only by scientist Amal who is arrested in a scam and disappears.

Amal's son Veer, a movie stuntman, finds the ring of invisibility. The asura guru Shukracharya sends minions to retrieve it, and in a series of battles Veer unlocks successive powers of the ring and becomes known as "Hero". Among his adversaries is a brainwashed Amal who returns to the family to get the ring. This is revealed to Veer in a fight with Rocky, his cousin who obtained electrical powers and joined with the aliens. Veer surrenders the ring to save Mumbai from destruction. Amal instinctively saves Veer; confused by this action, he undertakes a quest to learn his identity. Meanwhile, injured Veer is rescued by Shivaay, who trains him. Rocky pretends to execute Amal and is made the aliens' commander of Earth.

Veer saves his family from an alien infiltrator and again saves Mumbai. Veer assembles an ancient weapon but hesitates to use it on Amal, and recognizes Amal as his father. Veer and Shivaay become conflicted over Amal's fate. Rocky pretends to be an ally to Hero to gain possession of the ring, but Veer tricks him and Rocky loses control of his powers and dies. Protecting Shivaay, Amal is redeemed but killed.

Shivaay and Veer undertake a quest to resurrect Amal, which costs Shivaay his asura powers. Shukracharya develops a doomsday weapon to destroy the ring but it is destroyed by Veer and his long-lost mother; meanwhile, his girlfriend Zara sacrifices herself in an attempt to stop the weapon by obtaining an object called Amrita. Afterwards, Veer experiences behavioural changes and suspects the ring is making him evil but he can no longer remove it. The poisoning of the ring by the doomsday weapon can only be neutralized with the use of Amrita, but the asuras have already secured it.

Season 2
Three months have passed, and Veer has become an anti-Hero, who saves citizens but is cruel toward his adversaries. He reveals his identity to the world. Mad scientist The Professor kidnaps the chief minister of Maharashtra and demands a biological weapon from the army. Hero arrives and saves the hostages, though The Professor gets away and police officer Aditi's assistance goes unrecognized. Veer challenges Aditi to identify The Professor before he does. Shukracharya and his goons infiltrate Earth, posing as Veer's new neighbou

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