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Imagine All This Delicious ORGANIC Food Was Grown Inside Your Home!

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Imagine All This Delicious ORGANIC Food Was Grown Inside Your Home!



Season 1
Abhishek Nigam as Veer Nanda/Hero: a kind-hearted stuntman; Amal and Sandhya's son; Sweety and Meethi's elder brother; later Shivaay's adoptive brother; Bantu's best friend; Zara's love interest and a rival to his cousin Rocky. (2020-2021)
Yesha Rughani as Zara: an aspiring actress and Veer's former love interest. (2020-2021)(dead)
Ajay Gehi as Guru Shukracharya: the main antagonist of the series and the lord of the planet Venus and teacher of Asuras. (2020-2021)
Manish Wadhwa as Amal Nanda/Dansh: Sandhya's husband, and Veer, Sweety, Meethi and Shivaay's father, Rocky's uncle, Bantu's adoptive uncle; Ranjeet, and Bindu's brother-in-law/a dangerous alien. (2020-2021)
Siddharth Nigam as Shivaay: A good Asur who looks like a young man; an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva; adopted as Amal Nanda's second son, thereby becoming Veer, Sweety and Meethi's brother. He was kidnapped and killed by Shukracharya. (2021) (Dead)
Abhishek Sharma as Bantu Sidhwani: Veer, Zara and Shivaay's best friend; Ranjeet and Bindu's adopted son; adoptive brother of Rocky. (2020-2021)
Samriddhi Mehra as Sweeti Nanda: Veer's younger sister, Meethi's elder twin sister, Amal and Sandhya's daughter. (2020-2021)
Surabhi Mehra as Meethi Nanda: Veer's younger sister, Sweety's younger twin sister, Amal and Sandhya's daughter. (2020-2021)
Nitesh Pandey as Ranjeet Sidhwani: Veer's caring uncle, Sandhya's younger brother, Bindu's husband, Rocky's father and Bantu's adoptive father. (2020-2021)
Sonia Singh as Bindu Sidhwani: Ranjeet's wife, Rocky's mother, Bantu's adoptive mother and Veer, Sweety, Meethi's aunt. (2020-2021)
Shweta Dadhich as Sandhya Nanda: Amal's wife, Veer, Sweety, Meethi's mother, and Ranjeet's elder sister. (2020-2021)
Keshav Sadhna as Rocky Sidhwani: Ranjeet and Bindu's son,Bantu's adoptive brother; Amal's nephew, Veer's cousin transformed into an alien. (2020-2021)
Abhishek Mohan Gaikwad as Inspector Patil. (2020-2021)
Diwakar Pundir as Lord Shiva. (2021)
Soni Singh as Kuntal Kamini: a sorceress and witch, who is trying to contact Rocky's soul for Bindu. She stole Amrit(nectar) to obtain immortality but is killed by Asu

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