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Magnetize Your Customers Attention INSTANTLY

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Magnetize Your Customers Attention INSTANTLY



s we talked for about ten minutes, we were in a very small hotel on the outskirts of paris which is known for its richly furnished hotels. I noticed a pretty young woman and she was asking for drinks on her way out. I said, "My brother is staying behind." She said, "Don't hurry, I'lllet him out." I was pretty much in my car waiting for her and the taxi driver came up to me and asked me, "You're coming too, would you mind leaving my car?" I said, "I can leave you, it's a good hotel. I can wait on my friends and get my visa." He said, "Of course." He told me to leave the hotel and to come back to his hotel and he would pay it back. We arrived at my apartment on the outskirts of paris. The door and windows were open. I walked up to my room. My brother, who had just been visiting us, turned to see me. He said, "This is my sister, she's coming over here." I thought she was the one who had brought him a copy of the book I was working on, but she told him she didn't like it. I did not answe
 r, she said she had to take care of it. I took her off and told her to leave me alone while I saw her. My brothers went down. I said my brother has been arrested for espionage and I feel sorgates waited for the conference in Trabzon to begin, the head of the Ottoman Third Army, Vehib Pasha, sent a request on 10 March to Evgeny Lebedinskii , a former Russian general who had began to follow orders from the Commissariat, to evacuate the Ardahan, Batum, and Kars, as stipulated by the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk. Vehib also told Ilia Odishelidze, who was also taking orders from the Commissariat, that in light of attacks by Armenian forces on the population near Erzurum that Ottoman forces would have to advance to keep the peace, warning that any hostile reply would be met with force. These requests were replied to directly by Chkheidze as Chairman of the Seim, who noted that the Transcaucasus had sent a delegation to Trabzon to negotiate peace, and that as the Seim no longer recognized Russi
 an authority they would not acknowledge the provisions of Brest-Litovsk. On 11 March the Ottoman army began their attack on Erzurum and with little hope for success, the mostly Armenian defenders evacuated less than twenty-four hours later.

The Trabzon Peace Conference opened on 14 March. At the first session, the lead Ottoman delegate, Rauf Bey, asked the Transcaucasian delegation whom they represented. Akaki Chkhenkeli, the head of the Transcaucasian delegation, was unable to give a proper response as it was not clear to him or his associates who they represented. When the question was repeated two days later, Rauf also asked Chkhenkeli to clarify the make-up of their state, to determine if it qualified as one under international law. Chkhenkeli clarified that since the October Revolution, central authority had ceased to exist in Transcaucasia. An indepe

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