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Free Portable Camping Lantern Available [Must See]

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Free Portable Camping Lantern Available [Must See]



gram "Simmba" Bhalerao is an antiheroic orphan from Shivgarh, the same town where DCP Bajirao Singham was raised. He observes how policemen make money in the form of bribes, finding himself motivated to become a police officer, and succeeds. Getting bribes from some local thieves and a jeweler, Simmba enjoys and takes full advantage of the lifestyle of a corrupt cop.

He is soon transferred to Miramar police station by Home Minister Vinayak Dutta, where he sees Shagun Sathe and falls in love with her at first sight. He meets his fellow policemen and one of his juniors, Nityanand Mohile, who is an honest constable, hesitates to salute Simmba as he's a corrupt cop. To prove his worth in Miramar, he interrupts a pub party run by a criminal named Durva Yashwant Ranade (Sonu Sood)'s brothers, Sadashiv "Sada" Ranade and Gaurav "Giri" Ranade and demands more money from them, whilst promising that he will let them continue with their illegal activities. Durva agrees and uses Simmba to free a land from an old person named Vaman Rao, who is forced to sign the papers by Simmba. Meanwhile, Simmba develops motherly and sisterly bonds with several women and girls, one of whom happens to be Aakruti Dave, a young woman who reminds Simmba of his teacher.

Aakruti files a complaint against Sada and Giri for dealing illicit drugs in their pub and using children as peddlers. Simmba initially ignores this after being pacified by Durva, and Shagun, in the meantime, falls in love with him. Meanwhile, Aakruti learns about the drug racket in the club and goes there one night with Chhotu, a mute boy who's her student. She videotapes everything there by her cell phone to show evidence to the police, but is caught by Sada and Giri. Chhotu discreetly records Sada and Giri assaulting Aakruti and flees once both of them reali

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