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Slash your Electric Bill in Half!

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Slash your Electric Bill in Half!



ecork by her breasts and is attracted to her. The men begin to initiate affairs with the women, but soon find out that Rose, Mary and Mariam are relatives to Robert. The men's wives later arrive at the college, intending on joining them at the reunion.The trio receive an MMS message containing footage of each of them getting intimate, and succeed in hiding the video from their wives. They find out that it was Hardik who sent the video, and he blackmails them. Their task is to kill Robert in order to fulfill Hardik's revenge, or else he will show the footage to their wives. They fail in killing him, so they decide to try to delete the videos off Hardik's phone. They succeed and continue to spend time at the reunion.On the last day, Robert mixes a love potion into the soup, which causes people to deal out those they are attracted too. The trio end up being with Rose, Mary and Mariam, and Robert catches them red handed. While being chased by Robert, the girls reveal to the men that he i
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Their wives angrily ask them what exactly happened that night. Robert calmly replies that due to a misunderstood affair, their husbands suffered this consequence. Shortly later, a doctor comes and informs Robert that he is no more impotent since the blood now properly flows all over his body due to the pressure generated while hanging on the bar. Hardik marries Marlow. The film ends with Amar, Meet and Prem having sex with their respective wives. Robert and Hardik too have sex with Rose and Marlow. Mary is the one left alone who while bathing naked in a bathtub asks the audience to mehe last year is crazy, and it's all pretty good. But what you learn is, we have to do some things differently. And that includes things we don't like in the past. We have to do something new. What we're missing is a new way. And that is, with women, we need to find a way to have a better relationship. And we need to have partners to help us do that. And women love to be alone. And they love it. Avc: what
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