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[doc] POD escape E<> is not handled by HTML generation

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for example in book/ch09_pasm.pod,

POD E<#x3C0> is not transformed to HTML entity &#x3C0;

<pre>  set I0, 42        # set integer register #0 to the integer value 42
  set N3, 3.14159   # set number register #3 to an approximation of E<#x3C0>

Change History

Changed 7 years ago by allison

Which HTML generator are you using?

In the default settings for Pod::Simple (or any Pod parser), tags like E<> aren't processed in code examples. The behavior can be enabled in Pod::Simple (or subclasses of Pod::Simple) by calling:


where $parser is the instance of Pod::Simple (or subclass).

Changed 7 years ago by allison

Removed the escape code for 'pi' in 38220.

Changed 6 years ago by coke

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Changed 5 years ago by coke

Tried this:

diff --git a/lib/Parrot/Docs/PodToHtml.pm b/lib/Parrot/Docs/PodToHtml.pm
index 63e1177..6e46adc 100644
--- a/lib/Parrot/Docs/PodToHtml.pm
+++ b/lib/Parrot/Docs/PodToHtml.pm
@@ -49,6 +49,8 @@ sub new {
+    $new->codes_in_verbatim(1);
     return $new;

Doesn't seem to have any effect.

Changed 5 years ago by coke

See also #674.

Changed 5 years ago by coke

See also #1743 & #558.

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