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set_global cannot store subs compiled with :anon into namespace

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The set_global opcode is unable to store Sub PMCs that have been compiled with :anon into a namespace. Here's the demonstration code:

$ cat y.pir
.namespace ['Foo']
.sub main :main
    .const 'Sub' $P0 = 'bar'

    set_global '&!compare_by', $P0
    $P2 = get_global '&!compare_by'
    say $P2

.namespace []
.sub '' :anon :subid('bar')
$ ./parrot -t1 y.pir
     0 set P0, PC11                     P0=PMCNULL PC11=Sub=PMC(0x80e6eac pc:12)
     3 set_global "&!compare_by", P0     P0=Sub=PMC(0x80e6eac pc:12)
     6 get_global P1, "&!compare_by"    P1=PMCNULL
     9 say P1                           P1=PMCNULL
Null PMC in say
current instr.: 'parrot;Foo;main' pc 9 (y.pir:7)
FileHandle objects (like stdout and stderr)are about to be closed, so clearing trace flags.

Change History

Changed 13 years ago by NotFound

There is an explicit check for anonymous subs in namespace.pmc, in the function ns_insert_sub_keyed_str, that disallows his inclusion. Deleting that check all test still pass.

I'm confused. There is some reason for that check that no test is able to catch?

Changed 13 years ago by chromatic

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  • resolution set to fixed

Fixed in r36564, and test case added to t/pmc/namespace.t.

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