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THIS African trick kills toenail fungus COMPLETELY

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THIS African trick kills toenail fungus COMPLETELY



ani and Anurag marry and start their new life together. Robindo also returns and marries Mauli's younger sister, Jonaki. One day, Taani, Anurag and Jonaki take Kuhu to a temple. There is an accident, and Kuhu dies after slipping down the steps of the temple. Taani goes into shock, blaming herself for not looking after Kuhu. Anurag decides to take Taani away to the US so that she can get over her grief. But Taani refuses, so Anurag decides to go alone. Soon, the family gets to know that Taani is pregnant with Anurag's child. Anurag, who does not know of Taani's pregnancy, is on his way to the airport. Taani calls him and asks him to meet her. Taani comes to meet Anurag, but Ritesh drives up from behind and crashes into him before he can get out of his car. Anurag and his car fall off a cliff. Everyone thinks that Anurag is dead. After some time, they tell Taani to get remarried to Sushant. But Taani is sure that Anurag will come back and so does not remarry.

Anurag survives the accident and returns home several months later. He sees that Taani is in labour, and Sushant is rushing her to the hospital. Anurag misunderstands this scene—he assumes that Sushant is Taani's new husband and the baby's father. Anurag does not want to interfere with Taani's new life, so he enters a mental asylum and acts like he is insane. A few years later, Taani has become a renowned singer. She gets to know that Anurag is alive in a mental asylum. She goes to see him and narrates the story of her life to a nurse. When Taani leaves, the nurse asks Anurag why he is hiding the truth, and he explains the reason. He decides to go far away but wants to see Taani and his family for the last time. As he reaches his house, a small girl comes running out of it. When Anurag asks her what her father's name is, she answers, "Anurag". He is thrilled and goes inside with his daughter. Taani sees him and runs towards him. But then she rebukes him for assuming she could ever 
 forget him and move on. The duo hug and rejoice. In the end, everything is settled. Anurag and Taani happily begin their new life with their little daughter.

Harshad Chopda as Anurag Shekhar Ganguly– Nilanjana and Shekhar's son; Ananya and Robindo's brother; Nupur's ex-fiancé; Taani's husband (2010–2011)
Anupriya Kapoor as Taani Bimlendu Banerjee / Taani Anurag Ganguly– Laboni and Bimlendu's dau

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