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Never lose signal again with portable Wi-Fi

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Never lose signal again with portable Wi-Fi



ame (2016 film)
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Game Kannada film theatrical release poster
Theatrical release poster in Kannada
Directed by	A. M. R. Ramesh
Written by	A. M. R. Ramesh
Produced by	Deshraj Rai (Presenter)
A. M. R. Ramesh
Roopa Deshraj
Starring	Arjun
Manisha Koirala
Cinematography	Krishna Sriram
Edited by	K. V. Krishna Reddy C. M. Selvakumar
Music by	Ilaiyaraaja
Akshaya Creations
Distributed by	Sapphire Movies
Release date	
February 26, 2016
July 1, 2016
Running time	125 minutes
Country	India
Languages	Kannada
Game (Oru Melliya Kodu [lit.: A thin line] in Tamil) is a 2016 Indian mystery thriller film directed by A. M. R. Ramesh. Shot as a bilingual in Kannada and Tamil languages, it is a remake of the 2012 Spanish film The Body. It features Arjun Sarja, Shaam and Manisha Koirala in the lead roles. With music composed by Ilayaraaja, the Kannada version released first on 26 February 2016 while the Tamil version released on July 1, 2016.

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2	Cast
3	Production
4	Soundtrack
5	Release
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The film opens with a man running away in fear, looking over his shoulder the whole time. He is hit by a car while on the run and is admitted to the hospital in a coma. The Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Sharat Chandra (Shakthi Vel in Tamil) is called upon to investigate the matter, where it is found through the security cameras that a corpse of a high-profile businesswoman Maya is missing from the morgue.

Meanwhile, Maya's husband Akshay is surrounded by his family and friends offering their condolences but he drives them out saying he wants to be left alone. Once they all leave, he drives to his girlfriend Bhoomika aka Bhoomi's house, where it is revealed Akshay killed his wife and made it look like a heart attack. The police call Akshay over his cell phone and ask him to come to the forensics lab and explain the issue. Akshay drinks a glass of wine offered by Bhoomi and he leaves. Akshay is asked to stay in the lab until they discover the corpse.

In a series of clues and flashbacks, Akshay is made to believe that Maya is still alive and is out for revenge. He keeps in contact with Bhoomi the entire time, until Sharat Chandra / Shakthi Vel gets evidence that can allow him to arrest Akshay, in the form of a toxin BL-18 that can induce a heart attack. It is then revealed that Akshay drugged a glass of red wine with BL-18 to kill Maya. He interrogates Akshay and Akshay reveals how Maya and him met the first time. After getting locked up in a room, Aks

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