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Learn How to Give Your Man The Best Blowjobs of His Life

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Learn How to Give Your Man The Best Blowjobs of His Life



ghu decides to resolve things by tracking down Salman. Sree sends over Salman's picture to Dominic, who recognizes him as the same man who had eloped with Sahiba. RD had caught them and brought Sahiba back home. Baba, not knowing who she had run away with, had authorized RD to execute him. RD, who had an axe to grind with Samad, had conveniently failed to reveal Salman's identity. Baba desperately tries to get Salman back from RD with no avail. Reghu and gang try to get to RD's hideout in Kochi while Ratheesh, flees with their money fearing repercussions from Samad. RD gets pulled over at a police checkpoint and Salman uses the opportunity to make a run for it. An eventful journey brings Reghu and gang to Kochi, inadvertently finding Ratheesh on the way. However, Reghu gets frustrated with Renju's antics and leaves in a fit of anger.

Senan and the others decide to press on, assisted by Dominic and a motley crew of veteran thugs. However, when they meet RD at his hideout, he reveals that he had topped off Salman already. They are shown a corpse ready to be buried, but then it appears to be alive. In the ensuing confusion, Reghu shows up and fights off RD and his gang. During the fight, he finds Salman alive in a room, who escapes in RD's car. RD stops the fight by firing his gun, but unwittingly shoots down a huge vat, which crushes him. Reghu and gang chase Salman and finally get a hold of him. They convince him to accompany them to Samad to resolve the whole mess. Salman offers to call his father and resolve the issue right there, on the condition that they help him elope with Sahiba again. Reghu and gang grudgingly agree and arrange to spring Sahiba from her home. Salman honours his part of the agreement, assuring Samad that Reghu and gang were innocent of his abduction.

On reaching Thiruvananthapuram, Reghu takes Salman to make him apologize to Pinku, but Pinku is visibly confused on seeing Salman. He reveals that it was Salman's ten-year-old brother who had beaten him up. He had been indicating the kid who was in the background of the photo on Salman's phone. The gang realizes the whole trip was a misadventure, and an irate Reghu beats them up before leaving home with his mother.

In a mid-credits scene, Senan and gang come to Reghu's house to apologise, but are interrupted when Britto offers a gift, having kidnapped Salman aga

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